• 35364355 1983391205064441 73581384010039296 o - Fallen Mafia release debut video Fallen Mafia release debut video

    You may be no strangers to local act Fallen Mafia – they’ve been around a little while and have done many great shows with us over the years.

    Well.  They’ve debut album ‘Awaken’ due out.  To celebrate, they’ve released a video clip for ‘Breathe’ which you can see below.

    ‘Breathe’ was filmed at the Stonedeaf festival.  There they shared the stage with bands like Skid Row, Anvil, Wolfbane and The Quireboys.   With literally just 9 bands, it was great to see them represented.

    Of course, they also play for us on October 26th at the Globe with Hands of Gretel – more info and tickets for that gig here.

    Anyway… enjoy the video below…

  • 38633661 1838543179561794 6408717892900093952 n - Auger and deadfilmstar join Lord of the Lost tour Auger and deadfilmstar join Lord of the Lost tour

    We’re pleased to announce that joining Lord Of The Lost on their UK Tour – and therefore kicking us off in Newcastle is some old friends of ours, deadfilmstar and some very new friends of ours, Auger

    The show is at The Cluny on November 21st – tickets from www.seetickets.com

    Auger have been making great strides for theirselves in the past year or so, impressing many audiences and receiving amazing reviews and publicity.

    Check out their video for My Guardian below

    deadfilmstar have a lot wider history – they’ve been up here before with shows including Combichrist, Mortiis and Jayce Lewis.

    Here’s a re-issued video for ‘Hello, Cruel World’

    Tickets for the tour are available from www.seetickets.com


  • 36923470 2252509714977070 399497950700503040 n 770x375 - Hands off Gretel - Kiss Me Girl video Hands off Gretel – Kiss Me Girl video

    Hands off Gretel - Kiss Me Girl

    Yorkshire grunge punk pop 4-piece Hands Off Gretel unveil new storming single ‘Kiss Me Girl’ ahead of a September/October UK headline run, of shows swiftly followed with a support tour with the VirginMarys in November (all dates below). In songwriter and front-woman Lauren Tate, there’s a force of nature driving the band forwards, on and off stage (Lauren also does all the videos, merch and artwork) that won’t stop until Hands Off Gretel hit the top.

    ​Lauren says, ‘We have been off the radar for a few months, but we have a lot of new songs under our belt now and we are just revving the engine ready to go full throttle. Kiss Me Girl is gives you a flavour of what’s to come! You are going to be hearing a lot more from us over the next few months!’

    For fans of: No Doubt, L7, Garbage, Marmozets

    Hands off Gretel play the Globe in Newcastle on October 26th.  Tickets from www.seetickets.com


  • M88A9310 - Hands off Gretel - October show Hands off Gretel – October show

    Hands off Gretel - Newcastle show on October 26th

    We are delighted to welcome Hands off Gretel to Newcastle as part of their October tour.

    Fronted by scream-queen Lauren Tate, the South Yorkshire four-piece bring their mix of garage rock, grunge and pop-rock to the Globe on October 26th.

    Energy, chaos, nihilism and debauchery abound, a trip with Hands Off Gretel will leave you spent. A beautifully polished ballet of chaos, costume and drama presenting lyrics that echoes the angst and vulnerability of growing up in 21st century Britain.” – Northern Exposure

    Joining the band we have two local supports.

    PussyWillowFurryVenus – who bring their interesting alt-rock over from Sunderland.

    Fallen Mafia – hard rock up from Durham.

    Tickets are £7 in advance – or £10 on the door.  You can buy advance tickets from www.seetickets.com


  • final copy - All you need to know about the 2018 M2TM Final All you need to know about the 2018 M2TM Final

    hotsexfinal 300x200 - All you need to know about the 2018 M2TM Final
    Hot Sex For Boys

    Everything you need to know about the M2TM Final.

    This Saturday marks 2018 final of the Newcastle M2TM.

    A winning band will gain a slot playing on the New Blood stage at Bloodstock.

    This is the third year we’ve been doing this and so a little reminder of how things work.


    The final takes place this Saturday, June 23rd, at Trillians Rock Bar.


    For the second year running, we’ve been able to keep entry to the final (along with all previous rounds) free of charge.


    Trillians will be open all day and fans can come and go as they please. We expect the first band to take to the stage at 7.15pm.


    In each final to date we’ve determined the running order by drawing lots on the night – we expect to publish a running order around 6.30pm.


    kilofinal 300x200 - All you need to know about the 2018 M2TM Final

    Each band has 25 minutes.


    There’s 5 bands. They are Hot Sex For Boys, Kilonova, Love The Sinner, Kraken Waker and The Unholy Concoction.


    Sadly they had to withdraw due to personal reasons. We hope to work with them again in the future.


    They are, almost veterans of this kinda thing. They deliver a pretty killer set, a bit of a mini-party.
    The best thing to expect from them is the unexpected. And songs about being kicked in the balls.


    krakenfinal 300x200 - All you need to know about the 2018 M2TM Final
    Kraken Waker

    Yes – in fact, the final will only be their 4th gig – 3 of the other 4 en route here. But, while on paper they lack experience, on stage you really wouldn’t know – they’ve really deserved their place in the final.

    There’s a certain My Ruin vibe about them, but… modernised.


    They’re not, but it’s not just about heavy music and that’s a bit of misconception. If you look over to the Bloodstock line-up, Mr Big are a main stage band.
    I’ll be honest, we expected them to struggle in the semis, but they came with a much beefier set and it was really hard to ignore the quality.


    They were, yes. They pack some awesome riffs and while it’s no surprise to see them back in the final, they’ve had to navigate some tricky rounds to get here.


    Yes, it’s a bit of a riff-heavy final, but these nautical beardy sludgers do have a bit punch about them – and a singing drummer. On occasion.
    They also have songs about beards.

    sinnerfinal 300x220 - All you need to know about the 2018 M2TM Final
    Love The Sinner


    While earlier rounds had judges and a vote based on crowd reaction (which we’re looking to improve in the future…) the final is merely decided by representatives from Bloodstock. I imagine they will be looking at a number of factors – but – overall – a name they’ll feel pleased to have on their festival.


    No. Decrepid Monolith won last year, however Trendkill were also offered a slot on the Jaegermeister Stage.


    The Jaeger invite is discretionery. I’d like to send ALL the bands to Bloodstock (along with a few who are out) but it’s not up to me and ultimately there’s officially one winner.


    I honestly think it can come down to the night. I know it’s a cliche, but every one of these bands have been impressive in the previous rounds – seeing off some very tough opponents.


    unholycfinal 200x300 - All you need to know about the 2018 M2TM Final
    The Unholy Concoction

    And actually, you know – I won’t give names because if there’s one thing sure to make sure you won’t win is to think you’ve already won.


    A lot depends on how long it takes to decide – we imagine around 10.30pm.


    Bring some spare change as there’ll be a raffle where you can win some beers or some tickets to Bloodstock – come along and check out some cool bands from the region.


    I bloody hope so.

  • M2TM – Heat 3 write up

    Heat 3, already?

    We’re half way through the heats? This is flying over.

    A horribly close evening where every judge carried a different opinion. Chucking in the crowd reactions and applying to the calculations and formula (there is a process to this, honest. It’s probably more straight forward than I make out).

    So, first up we have Creature.
    I’ve a lot of time for Creature, they’re a fun grunge band and very enjoyable. I kinda hate thinking of stuff like this in any way retro. It certainly feels fresh and relevant.
    They were one of my pre-contest tips to do well, especially as they made the play offs last year – but the opening slot in a tough heat works against them a bit.

    drk 300x199 - M2TM - Heat 3 write up

    Dead River Kings are a surprise package. They’ve got their blues driven hard rock thing down to a tee. More than a few nods to Black Stone Cherry. There’s a lot of experience and they’re pretty darn tight. The crowd seems to like them too and that just helps them pinch a place in the semis in the end.

    Mechanical were added into the competition following the late withdrawal of Ellen Moss. They’d originally meant to be in Heat 1, but pulled out on health. But, they’re back now and it’s enjoyable minimal rock. George was in solo last year and, similarly, you can kinda watch and know in your heart that tonight they’re not going through, but enjoy them anway.

    Anti-Bastard divide a little opinion, they’re very loud and very punk. They whistle through an 11 song set list without going over the 25 minute set length. That gives you an idea of the type of punk they are, crusty fast… loud… fun. Opinion splitting.
    Well *I* enjoyed them.

    Actually, I do always find it hard to sound sincere but I genuinely enjoy every band.
    Some in different ways to others, mind.
    But, I dunno – it feels like it’s been a while since I enjoyed a band quite like Skyryder.

    skyryder 300x200 - M2TM - Heat 3 write up

    Skyryder for me… they’re overblown fantasy hair metal. You know all those cheese laiden Maiden sound-a-like bands? Yeah. Hellowe’en, Blind Guardian and about a zillion others.
    And some of those bands are good and some are just cheese guff.
    Well, Skyryder intentionally lay on the cheese but they do it in such a way you can appreciate it.
    They don’t take the piss out of the genre, they poke friendly fun at it – and it’s almost impossible not to smile.
    Imagine Steel Panther except (a) good (b) funny.
    So, well, nothing like steel Panther then.

    They do… however… go into a tough Semi…

    Right… does it get any easier on Thursday *checks line up*

    Oh God….

  • jizzy newcastle - Love/Hate ? Jizzy Pearl previews more music ahead of tour Love/Hate ? Jizzy Pearl previews more music ahead of tour

    jizzy pearl love/hate uk tour newcastle

    With the UK tour due to begin in just a matter of days, Jizzy Pearl has been previewing more material from the forthcoming album ‘All You Need is Soul’.

    Recently, an audio for ‘High for an Eye’ was released – you can hear that here (clicky).

    There was also recently a video for ‘You’re Going to Miss Me When I’m Gone’.  A link to that is at the bottom of this post.

    Fans and critics alike have been very impressed by these tracks.  There’s a very solid traditional vibe about them.  But, let’s be honest – they’re just damn fine tracks!

    As mentioned, the tour is imminently due to kick off.  The local date is at Think Tank on May 3rd.  Support comes from Emperors of the Wasteland and Doomsday Outlaw.

    Tickets are available online from www.seetickets.com 

    It’s always a pleasure to have Jizzy and co up here, always special nights.  Don’t miss out!


  • M2TM Heat 2 Write Up

    M2TM starts with an uncomfortable headache.

    The lads from Nephilim are quite young looking and lack ID.

    The M2TM Newcastle rules state all band members must be 18 at the time of heat and venue rules is 18+ from 7pm.

    So. Snap discretion – stick them on at 6.30pm and if they get through make sure they arrive with ID for the semis.

    yersin in m2tm trillians newcastle

    This does disappoint a few who miss them, which is a shame – they’re a young band clearly brought up on Avenged Sevenfold and they’re certainly tight and competent.

    “No Place to Hide” is certainly a tune and a half.

    Although they don’t get through this time, I do look forward to seeing them again in the future and how they progress.

    Yersin opened the first heat last year and totally set the bar with their energetic grindcore enslaught. They were so so unlucky not to go through last time, but this time around they just own the stage (and space in front of the stage… and half the venue) and again set a bar to beat. They get through this time.
    Looking forward to some ‘Burzum and Chill’ in the semis.

    I kinda feel for Leading Zeroes – they’re really bloody good but must feel quite lost sandwiched between grind and donk. They do produce some fairly enjoyable alt rock and seem well received. Speaking to them afterwards they were in a pretty postive attitude despite not going through, which is something I massively appreciate.
    There were a lot of smiles and nods while they were on, so they’ve at least got some new friends.

    armortura in trillians m2tm newcastle

    Next up is the band that makes us all question our life choices – the Newcastle Upon Tyne Speed Donk experience.
    They have an extremely strong fanbase and bring all of the songs about Donk. They are the visual and musical equivalent of a guy in a shark onesie dry humping a guy in a dinosaur onesie.
    Certainly memorable.
    “I think we’re going to stop now because we need to set up because a real band is on next”

    So, Armortura have the, ahem, pleasure of following them and closing.
    And, you know what. They do it well. Proper traditional heavy metal which there’s not been enough of in the Newcastle runs – and decent and tight to boot.
    Certainly raising the curtain at the end and I look forward to seeing them in the semis.


    Looking ahead to next week’s line up… holy fuck, that’s gone be hard to call.

  • BANNER - M2TM - Heat 1 - Write Up M2TM – Heat 1 – Write Up


    desolation at m2tm newcastle in trillians
    Photo by Newcastle Live Bands

    It feels strange starting M2TM so late.
    Normally we’re about half way through the comp by now – but we opted for a later start with weekly, rather than fortnightly, heats.

    Mind – with the recent grotty weather we thought an April start may be more pleasant…

    And yet it STILL snowed.

    However – that didn’t stop the bands, nor a respectable crowd.

    Sadly, we are down to 4 bands. The first heat suffered two drop outs and we were able to replace one, but a little too short notice for the second.

    So, it’s pushing 8pm when electro-metal trip THIS HOLY VIRUS open the 2018 competition.
    Pretty decent mix of styles and ideas, like an angry Gary Numan. Fairly well received and a good way to prise the competition open.
    Really looking forward to seeing more from these guys in the coming months, there’s a lot of potential.

    DESOLATION stepped in following the withdrawal of Rossi Noise. While this may have felt it would boost chances, an experienced band with a strong following replaced by a relatively young and unknown band.
    This is actually their first time gigging in Newcastle.
    The band are groove metal with a few hints of 90s grunge and nu-metal, but a passionate performance impresses many. Enough to see them through to the semis.

    Kraken Waker at M2TM Newcastle in Trillians
    Photo by Newcastle Live Bands

    I’ve a lot of love for PRETTY LIVID IMPS – they’ve a lovely set of punky rock and roll, with lots of fast and uplifting anthems. They should be a lot bigger. But, maybe I’m just bias.
    They’re well received but have two tough bands to follow and it doesn’t quite get them over the line this time.

    The beast to beat was always going to be KRAKEN WAKER.
    They made it to the semi finals last time with their nautical sludge. They’re previewing a couple of tracks from their new EP and you know – they’re going to be a challenge to get passed in the semis this year as well.
    They’re simple but effective – riffs, riffs, beards, riffs, beards, riffs.

    It’s been an interesting start to the competition… for sure.

    Look ahead for Heat 2

    Photos by Newcastle Live Bands