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  • Featured ImageDanse Society join Cold in Berlin

    Here’s one for you… some great news…  we’re pleased to announce that The Danse Society will be joining our show with Cold in Berlin, on April 11th in Cluny 2 as very special guests.

    Originally formed in 1980, The Danse Society had assorted hits in the indie charts including ‘Somewhere’, ‘We’re so Happy’, ‘2000 Light Years from Home’ (see below) and the double A-side of ‘Clock’/’Continent’.   Although the band split in 1987 they recently reformed and are doing shows again.

    Also playing this show are local band Wake who we’ll have more on at a later date.

    You can get tickets here

  • Featured ImageEureka Machines welcome you to their Shangri-La

    Eureka Machines last night released a new video single, ‘Welcome to My Shangri-La’, the first track to be released from forthcoming album ‘Brainwaves’.   You can watch it at the bottom of this post.

    Don’t forget that Eureka Machines are playing Cluny 2 on April 30th – you can get tickets here – you probably should, it’s selling quite well and as the main Cluny has a sold out gig on that night we’ve nowhere to upgrade to should it sell out… just saying… so, yeah, we’ll keep you updated but buy today to avoid disappointment.

  • Featured ImageInterview : Skarlett Riot “…our harder edge sets us apart from other female fronted bands.”

    Skarlett Riot are a name many of you may know, despite a lack of much mainstream press – a high work ethic has helped them get their name out there and they’ve played a lot of successful shows at all levels, including a sold out show with Kamelot!  New EP ‘We are the Brave’ is out now and the band is about to embark on a small burst of headline shows which includes Cluny 2 in Newcastle on Sunday March 22nd.

    We caught up with them to find out more

    You’ve just completed a tour with Gus G, the guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne – how was that experience and what did you gain from it?

    Skarlett: Oh man, it was amazing! Gus G is such a nice guy and so talented! It’s rare you see a guitarist like that play such intimate venues, so it was a rather special tour! It was one of our favourite runs so far definitely, we went down a storm with Gus G’s fans and I even got chance to sing for him on a track called ‘Long Way Down’ throughout the tour which was a great experience on it’s own.

    New EP ‘We are the Brave’ is now out. What can existing fans of your band expect from it?

    Skarlett: Something a lot heavier than our current album ‘Tear Me Down’ .. we wrote this EP with a ‘Brave’ attitude, not thinking ‘what do people want to hear’ but more ‘what do we want to do with this and where do we want to take it’ .. I think the harder edge gives us a more unique sound and sets us apart from other female fronted bands.

    And new fans, why should they check out your EP and come see you on tour?

    If you’re into ballsy hard rock like Papa Roach & Bullet For My Valentine then this EP’s for you. We think we have something in our music for everyone as we all have different influences in the band which comes across in our music. We put a lot of energy into our live performance and it’s full of surprises. You’l love the live performance I guarantee it!

    I haven’t yet heard the new EP ‘We are the Brave’, but on previous albums you’ve addressed issues like internet trolls and people trying to take you down – what issues do you address on this record?

    This EP is about not wasting time, living life & revenge. It’s a lot heavier in attitude. It’s more about not caring what people think and doing what makes you happy as you only have one life and one chance so live it! We hear from a lot of people :‘ I wish I’d have done this or that when I was younger’ so it’s a message to say it’s not too late, get up and do it!

    You managed to get a recent video onto Scuzz, how important are resources like this for your band and has it noticably helped you? (Incidentally – scroll to the bottom to watch the video!)

    It’s definately helped, we’ve noticed on our social media that people have found the band through seeing us on the TV. It’s important to get as many people behind you backing your music up as that’s how you get your name out to more people. Social Media is so popular, you should use it to your advantage to get your name out there.

    You’ve also played every major UK festival, what have been your favourite festival experiences?

    It’s hard to pick one, but our first ever major festival was Download in 2012 which as you can imagine, it was a big deal to us! So that one has stuck with us the most out of all the festivals. It was so surreal to share changing rooms and backstage with the likes of Shinedown, Jack Black, Firewind etc.. you know, bands you look up to and bands that have inspired you to write.. and they’re all around you on the same day!

    skarlett riotYou have a very high work ethic and a good DIY approach, what advice would you give to other bands?

    It’s hard work but without that hard work it isn’t worth it. It’s a great feeling to know you’ve worked for something and its paying off. I’d say to other bands that you need a thick skin, take constructive criticism on board but don’t look into it too much. The most important thing is that you enjoy what you are doing and know it’s what you are passionate about. Make sure you have a group of musicians who all want the same thing as you, and communicate with your fans!

    Beyond the March headline tour, what are your plans and targets for 2015?

    We have festivals such as Dames Of Darkness (alongside Leaves Eyes) & Shield fest (alongside Carcer City, Fearless Vampire Killers etc) and we will be planning a headline tour to celebrate the release of the EP. We’ll be looking at writing more music for our next release too!

    Skarlett Riot play Cluny 2 on Sunday 22nd March – buy tickets here

  • Featured ImageInterview : Enversa – “Everyone is grumpy cat to some degree”

    It’s not often we give bands their debut gigs, so they have to be something special.  We think Enversa are something special – their demo tracks on Soundcloud show a lot of promise, heavy and moody with a whisk of a dark coating.

    The last time we gave a band their debut gig was Heartbreak Remedy, who’ve went on to win slots at Hard Rock Hell at a showcase gig in Glasgow – so we have every confidence you will love Enversa.

    We caught up with vocalist Laura Henderson to introduce you to the band.


    Facebook // Soundcloud // Tickets to show at Cluny 2 with Skarlett Riot

    Hello, as this may be the first time readers have heard of your band – please give us a brief introduction to your band…

    Enversa comprise of; vocals – (myself), guitar – Neal Harrison, drums – Matt Batey, and bass – Mark Watson. We’d like to think we’re quite a heavy band, with a contrasting melodic vocal. Occasionally we are successful at that…

    You’re all experienced local musicians, what brought the project of Enversa together?

    Myself and Neal have always been appreciative of each other’s music; probably more so me of his. So when I decided I wanted to get back into playing live it seemed natural to turn to him. Mark was an obvious choice for bassist given his ability and previous work with Neal. And Matt was a mysterious rumour we’d heard, and when we saw him play, we were sold.

    Each week you’ve been previewing tracks from your EP via your soundcloud, how have these been received?

    Surprisingly well! When we recorded them nobody had heard any of it, so we had no idea if anyone would like them. It was a massive relief to me personally that people did. Obviously they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, nor are they the best we can do, but it’s nice knowing some people don’t hate them!

    What sort of subject themes do you explore in your tracks?

    A lot of the lyrics I write are miserable or frustrated. I think most people will agree that it’s easier to write a song like that, than to write a happy one. I like to use singing as a way to vent my inner grumpy cat – which is universal really. Everyone is grumpy cat to some degree.

    Your debut show is coming up very soon with Skarlett Riot, what sort of factors persuaded you to make this your first show?

    We wanted a familiar venue with an unfamiliar audience. We love/are friends with some great local bands that we want to play with, but for the first show we didn’t want to be playing just for friends. Friends usually give you a far nicer review than you deserve! With the Skarlett Riot show, it’ll be an audience who appreciate the style of music we do, without knowing who we are. So the response will be more honest. And we’ll use that response to shape the future.

    What are your plans beyond this show?

    Hopefully play some more shows! Experience is everything. So anyone willing to have us play with them; please get in touch!

    Anything else to add?

    Thanks to anyone who bothered reading all my bullshit! Come see us!

    Enversa play Cluny 2 with Skarlett Riot on March 22nd – get tickets here.

  • Featured ImageInterview : Blackout Hotel “We are the happier, less destructive, AMEN”

    The latest in our installment of interviews is with BLACKOUT HOTEL who are opening for Eureka Machines at The Cluny on April 30th

    This is the first of our video interviews… ooh… modern tech….

    RFTK Helper Alex Walker caught up with the band for a chat about their influences, biscuits and more – we hope this is a suitable welcome to the band for you.

    Buy tickets for the Eureka Machines show here

    Watch BH below…

  • Featured ImageElvana Interview “If Carlsberg made bands…”

    elvana3We like finding weird and wonderful bands.  Elvana fit the bill perfectly, an Elvis-fronted-Nirvana tribute.  Perfect.  The guys are supporting Tragedy at The Cluny on March 17th, they’ll be filming footage for that as part of their movie – so come along and be part of that!

    We caught up with Danny Cobain to find out more about the band.


    OK, so how did the idea of an Elvis-fronted-Nirvana-tribute come about?

    Basically we love Elvis and we fucking love Nirvana and we hit upon the idea of combining the two. The idea was our, ‘if Carlsberg made bands…’ moment. No one else had done it so Elvis and I sounded out two fellow bretherin’ who shared our combined love of the two and they said yes before we’d finished asking them if they wanted in.

    You’ve been busy with a lot of shows, how has the audience responded?

    Responses have been fantastic! Some people don’t quite know what to expect at first, I don’t know why – we clearly state we are an Elvis fronted Nirvana tribute, after one song people get it and then they really fucking enjoy it. We mix in grunged up sections of Elvis tunes as well which the guys and gals really dig. No knickers on stage yet … up your game ladies … and gents.

    What can new fans expect at your forthcoming show with Tragedy?

    A show like nothing they have seen before! Elvis in his pre-burger years (just) jumpsuit, a stylish band, lots of distortion, fuzz, crashing drums, dirty bass lines, burgers, towels, water, more burgers.  A celebration of two of the greatest bands/acts to have graced the planet.

    Do you have any plans to release an album or record some tracks?

    elvana2 An album might be a possibly. There’s some tunes on our soundcloud & Facebook page for people to download. We’ve only been going a year so the focus at the minute is on shows and getting ourselves known more.

    I quite like your alternative take on classic album covers, do you have any plans to recreate any other iconic moments of either band? (ideally not involving shot guns or dying on toilets… or then again…?)

    Well we’re looking at an Unplugged/68 Comeback special crossover thing. It’s something we wanna do in the future so watch this space. We plan to also headline the Reading festival & recreate the kings plethora of female admirers.

    What are you plans and aims for 2015?

    We gotta quite a few shows lined up and are working on some more. Get ourselves further along the road of world domination. Oh, and we’re making a movie. If you’re at the Tragedy show you’ll be in it.

    elvana1Anything else to add?

    Come to our shows, dance your ass off and join us in Disgraceland.

    Elvana support Tragedy at the Cluny on March 17th – get tickets here

  • Featured ImageNaked Lunch Evolve

    80s electro pioneers NAKED LUNCH have unleashed a new EP, entitled ‘Evolve’. The four track EP is available here from their Bandcamp and contains live favourites such as ‘Alone’ and ‘Glow’
    Naked Lunch originally formed in 1979 and were a big part of the early electro scene alongside acts like Human League, Depeche Mode cite them as an influence.

    Naked Lunch are also touring this week with another iconic synth band, Covenant, although prior commitments rule them out of the tour launch in Glasgow, they join the tour at Manchester and play Newcastle University this Thursday, 5th March alongside Analog Angel.

    Tickets are available here.

  • Featured ImageTragedy Interview “We Played with a band called Motorhead who showed some promise”

    10397813_10152890246046144_5234895495244279326_nWe are starting a new series of interviews with some of the bands we have coming up (and some of the bands we’ve had in the past) and it seems very fitting the first one we are featuring is…. TRAGEDY.

    Yes, everyone’s favourite Metalized Tribute to the Bee Gees.

    Their next UK tour is imminent and they visit The Cluny on March 17th (ticket link)

    They will be touring in support of new, 4th, album ‘The Solo Albums’ which guitarist Royce chats to us about.

    They’ve also released a new video, for ‘You’re the One that I Want’ which you can view here before reading the interview.

    Hi guys, you last played Newcastle in March 2014. What have you been up to since then?

    Dealing with the “issues” we caught from some of Steel Panther’s sloppy seconds. Doc says we’ll be fully recovered by Newcastle. Also, we have just completed our latest masterpiece, The Solo Albums, and the video for the new single, You’re the One That I Want. Last summer we headlined stages at Rebellion (UK) and Summer Breeze (Germany). That was awesome. And we’ve been working out a ton in the gym. We look like Manowar now.

    You’ve done quite a few UK tours, what makes the UK so special for you to play?

    We first started touring the UK with The Wildhearts and Electric Six in 2008, I think. Ginger Wildheart put out our first album, We Rock Sweet Balls and Can Do No Wrong, on his label. Those support tours, along with a festival alongside Motorhead had us really connecting with peeps in the UK. Rock n Roll is such an integral part of people’s lives there, more so than in the US. The number of legendary artists that have come out of that relatively small country is astounding- Adele, Susan Boyle, Aerosmith. That’s all I can think of right now, but you know what I mean.

    Where did the Tragedy idea come from in the first place and what made you decide to continue and expand this?

    I was producing an album for Barry’s old band, Children of the Unicorn, when we got a call from a promoter friend who asked if we had any ideas for a support band for this big Neil Diamond tribute, Super Diamond, who was doing a weekend at NYC’s Irving Plaza. We said, “yeah sure, we’ll be a metal tribute to the Bee Gees…haha”…and the promoter said, “OK, as long as I’m in it”. The promoter became our dearly departed brother, Robin Gibbens, and the band became Tragedy. We thought we’d do those two shows and that would be it. But everything connected in a special way- the music, the fans, the personnel…and here we are a few years later on the cusp of our 11th international tour.

    11017690_10152892384741144_2095980507967359400_nYou’ve got a new record coming out, what can you tell us about it?

    It’s called The Solo Albums, kinda inspired by what Kiss did. We do some songs as a band, then on each of our mini-albums, we got to explore things in our own way, and have great musicians as guests on our albums. We searched the world over for the the ultimate disco-metal musicians, and they appear on this record. Incidentally, they happen to all be members of Tragedy. Except for Dave Hill, who is Tragedy’s personal trainer and a rippin’ guitarist. It’s a tremendous range of source material- The Bee Gees, Andy Gibb, Ozzy, John Denver, Roberta Flack, Kiss, Donna Summer…even a Tragedy original! 18 songs in all.

    Your UK tour should hopefully have some old friends and new faces to your shows – what can the new faces expect?

    They can expect to be covered in glitter and not be able to stop smiling for days. They will witness grown men dressed in sparkly costumes, exploring their deepest, most sensual passions through the world’s greatest music. Tragedy is a force for happiness. You may hate disco. You may hate metal. It doesn’t matter. Tragedy will have you hearing music and seeing life in a whole new light.

    And what about old friends? What can they expect?

    Old friends can expect even bigger bulges than they remembered. We’re not divulging our secret, but, let’s just say his name rhymes with “DANCE”.

    Although you’ve been in the UK a few times, I don’t recall much national press. What you’ve been doing has been a lot more DIY and word of mouth, has this been a deliberate decision? How important is word of mouth?

    If you’re not going to put your mouth on it, how are we going to trust you? Seriously? A few decent publications finally got the message- such as Metal Hammer and The Sun. Put your money where your mouth is. And put Tragedy on your money. We’ll be your Queen.

    You’ve played around the world with a lot of interesting bands, do you have any favourites that readers should check out?

    Well, we played with Steel Panther in LA a few years ago. Now those fuckers keep following us all over the world…stalkers. You can always taste where Steel Panther has been. We played with a band called Motorhead that showed some promise. There are definitely some OK bands out there, but none of them play metalized Bee Gees/other disco classics, so they suck in comparison to Tragedy.

    Anything else to add?

    We’re looking forward to a dangerously good party in Newcastle Upon-Tyne City!!! Bring it!!

    Tragedy play The Cluny on March 17th – ticket link – for all dates and more info on the band, check out their website www.letsmaketragedyhappen.com

    Support on the Newcastle date from Elvana and Hellion Rising.

  • Featured ImageAnalog Angel are Breathing Freely

    Scottish synth act Analog Angel have released a new single ‘Your Breath’ – it’s available as a free download from their bandcamp here.

    Analog Angel are touring with Covenant this week, kicking off in Glasgow on March 3rd.
    The tour hits Newcastle University this Thursday, 5th March.

    Tickets are available here

  • Featured ImageRusted Hero release debut single

    rustedbandRusted Hero have today released their debut single, ‘The Unknown’

    Visit their website http://rustedheros.wix.com/rusted-hero to pick one up.

    The lads have been a fast rising band in Newcastle, playing some fairly big shows since their formation in late 2013, which has included supporting bands like The Last Vegas, Sister Sin and Paul Raymond (UFO) alongside their own headline events.

    Compared to a wide-range of bands from Guns N Roses to Rival Sons to Shinedown, RH feel they can rise to the challenge of any line-up and go down well – this is something they’ve proved well at doing thus far.

    You can see the guys doing a special acoustic set supporting Eric Martin at Think Tank on August 15th : tickets available here