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  • Featured ImageEureka Machines : New Video

    Eureka Machines, who played a stunning show for us recently, have released a new video for the title track from their new album, ‘Brain Waves’.

    It’s a very DIY video because their original location flooded! ¬†But that’s what we love about them.

    A great band, check out their video and buy their album and give them some love – and of course, catch them when they next tour. (We don’t know when, but I’m sure they’ll play here again)

  • Featured ImageAesthetic Perfection : Imperfect Album

    Favourites of ours, Aesthetic Perfection, have released a new live album/DVD entitled Imperfect.

    It’s a live recording of a show in California last year – a live acoustic show!

    Yep, gone are the computers, backing tracks and electronics and the band performed armed with a piano, stand up bass and acoustic guitar. ¬†Nice. ¬†We’ve included a track below so you can check it our.

    You can buy it here (or, wherever you like)

    Aesthetic Perfection are touring the UK in August – sadly there’s no Newcastle date this time round, but catch them if you can.

  • Featured ImageNew Ticket Store : Cheaper Deals

    One of the most common bits of feedback we hear from people is the price of booking fees on tickets. ¬† Now, we always try to set up deals on ticket sites – like seetickets or wegottickets – than ensures you lot can get the best deal from them (such as enabling e-tickets or letting you chose your postage rather than forcing you onto the top price like we’ve seen done) but this still can be costly.

    Of course also, we recommend visiting your local music shops to buy tickets – but sometimes the price of bus fare or taking time out of work to get there doesn’t make that option cost effective either.

    So. ¬†We’re trialing a store system. ¬†You can visit our store here. ¬†Or of course clicking the ‘Ticket Store’ option above. ¬†We’ll be adding this link to social media accounts also to try and point you to the cheapest deals.

    Our store is powered by bigcartel and we’ve gone for their free option (which means we don’t need to cover a cost there) for now, but this does mean we can only select 5 events to sell tickets for. ¬†However as one event passes we’ll list another. ¬†We’ve tested this today and all tickets sell for face value and there’s a ¬£1 postage fee per transaction NOT per ticket. ¬†You do need to click ‘add to cart’ more than once if you want more than one for a show.

    So Рexample Рif the face value of a show is £10 and you want 2 tickets.  From our store you will pay £21 Рfrom local record shops you will pay £22 Рfrom seetickets you will be £22 for an e-ticket or £24.50 for physicals Рfrom ticketweb you would pay £24.65.

    If the store is a success we will look at expanding it – but for now our next 5 shows are on sale and it will save time and money for you.

    Click here for the store

  • Featured ImagePost War Glamour Girls

    pwggWe are stoked to be helping promotion company Common People with their first gig : Post War Glamour Girls

    The gig is at The Head of Steam on May 15th, priced only £5

    PWGG are a Leeds 4-piece, hints of Nick Cave and lashings of dark-indie pop, they’re currently working on their second album.

    Their debut, Pink Fur, was ranked number 3 in my albums of 2014¬†although don’t just check out my word for it : this is a recent single and this is one of their tracks off the album

    They will be joined by special guests Wake Рmy ears are still ringing from seeing them on Saturday night.  Noisy as fuck local duo Рexplosive and attention grabbing.  Mint.

    Tickets are £5 in advance and selling well already.  Their Leeds gig has already sold out.

    ::Buy Tickets::

  • Featured ImageSkarlett Riot Return

    Skarlett Riot Returnsroct

    After a stunning performance last week at Cluny 2 Рwe are thrilled to welcome back Skarlett Riot on October 4th at Think Tank  Check out their new single here

    Also – check out an interview we did with them here

    They will be joined by special guests The Raven Age Рwho recently toured with Delain : extremely hardworking London band, whom managed a position high in the Amazon sales chart, despite only being backed by word of mouth.  You can check them out here. 

    If you saw SR recently you’ll know how awesome they were and so we’re really pleased to have them back.

    Tickets are £8 in advance or £10 on the door and are on sale now.

    ::Buy Tickets::

  • Featured ImageDanse Society join Cold in Berlin

    Here’s one for you… some great news… ¬†we’re pleased to announce that The Danse Society will be joining our show with Cold in Berlin, on April 11th in Cluny 2 as very special guests.

    Originally formed in 1980, The Danse Society had assorted hits in the indie charts including ‘Somewhere’, ‘We’re so Happy’, ‘2000 Light Years from Home’ (see below) and the double A-side of ‘Clock’/’Continent’. ¬† Although the band split in 1987 they recently reformed and are doing shows again.

    Also playing this show are local band Wake who we’ll have more on at a later date.

    You can get tickets here