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  • Conan release ‘Revengeance’ – Reviews Coming through positive

    conanalbumConan have today released new album ‘Revengeance’

    Reviews are coming through thick and fast and they’re pretty positive.

    Meat Mead Metal make the album their pick of the week : ” As long as we have bands such as Conan around doing their thing, doom will remain healthy, heavy, and absolutely deadly.”

    Audio Addict Mag remark “Their sound is already original and fleshed out enough to dent the underground world of stoner metal, and please their following of barbarians.”

    Doomed and Stoned state “Conan remind us they’re still boss” a fairly lengthily review follows including soundbites like “Their sound has something ancient, primordial about it; maybe not inherently evil, but of such brute force that it will nonetheless crush you, because you are far too small to be noticed.”

    And Broken Amp have to say “their approach which pushes the boundaries of all the extreme components of doom metal.”

    Sounds like we’re in for a treat when they play Think Tank on April 13th :)

    Tickets still available from www.seetickets.com

  • Eurasianeyes joins Alice in Videoland show

    aliceinvideoland copySunderland synth duo EurasianeyeS play a rare local show on March 24th, joining Alice in Videoland at Cluny 2.

    Heavily influenced by the likes of Ultravox, Gary Numan and Depeche’ Mode to name a few, Eurasianeyes have developed their own take on what they believe is classic synth music. A mixture of synth arpeggio’s, electronic bass lines and strong melodies together with powerful vocals have been key to the development of their debut EP “Silent Cries” and their debut single “Far Off Land”.

    They have recently released a single, ‘She Cried’ on their bandcamp here it’s a pay-what-you-want download, but all proceeds go to Cancer Research UK.

    Tickets are available from www.seetickets.com or locally from Reflex Records or over the bar in The Cluny.

    Here’s a recent video from EurasianeyeS for their track ‘Far off Land’

  • Bloodstock M2TM – Bands Announced

    We now have enough bands to begin to announce the heats for the Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses competition in Newcastle.

    We’ll be publishing more info on each band in the run up : we want this to be a joint experience of discovering local bands that are new to you, along with seeing some of your favourite local bands and of course helping them on their way to Bloodstock.

    Remember, the regional winner gains a slot on the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock in 2016.

    How it works… each night will have up to 5 bands.  2 go through to the semi final (Think Tank/May) and this is from a mixture of judge and fan votes (50/50 split for the Heats) – bands in the semis then compete for places in the final in June at the Cluny with the ultimate winner going on to play at Bloodstock.

    Entry is just £3 for the Heats, £4 for the Semi Final and £5 for the final.

    The heats shape up as thus…

    Heat 1 – Trillians – February 25th

    Hellion Rising
    Black Nevada
    Guilt City
    Shard of Ruin

    Heat 2 – Trillians – March 31st

    The Distorted
    Life Amongst Wolves
    A New Nowhere

    Heat 3 – Trillians – April 7th

    Iced Out
    Dirty King
    Lovely Wife

    Heat 4 – Trillians – April 14th

    Souls of Jack Ketch

    Heat 5 – Trillians – April 28th

    The Fury Remains
    I’ll Play the Villain
    Rusted Hero

    Bands – unless there’s 5 playing, there’s an opening slot… email kev@rftkpromotions.co.uk

  • Mortiis – First Newcastle Headline Show

    Mortiis 2016MORTIIS will be returning to our shores for a run of 7 headline shows in May – the tour kicks off at Newcastle’s Cluny venue on 23rd May. The tour will follow hot on the heels of the forthcoming release of Mortiis’ new album ‘The Great Deceiver’, which is out on 4th March.

    The band comments: ”It´s about time we came back to the UK for some shows. See you in May, you bastards.”

    This will be the first time in Newcastle for Mortiis since his tour with Deathstars in 2007 – and the first time they have headlined here.

    Tickets are on sale now at: www.seetickets.com

    Check out the recently released videos for the tracks ‘Doppelgänger’ & ‘The Shining Lamp of God’, both are taken from the forthcoming Mortiis album ’The Great Deceiver:

    ‘Doppelganger’ – https://youtu.be/lF4BYh5xCPU
    (free single download available available from http://www.mortiis.com/#!doppelganger/w6nmz)

    ‘The Shining Lamp of God’ https://youtu.be/peiIL5ExGnk
    (free single download available from http://www.mortiis.com)

  • Conan – Supports Added

    conan-tour-V3On April 13th we welcome Conan to Think Tank in Newcastle.  Expect this to be one of the loudest and heaviest shows of the year, the Merseyside Doom band pull absolutely no punches.

    Support has been announced this week – tour support will be The Bendal Interlude – who will be doing all dates on the Majestic Hammer tour.

    Locally, Neolithic will be bringing their brand of drone/doom to the plate to make a line-up which will be a pleasant evening of uneasy listening.  Like listening to an airport hangar in a broom cupboard.

    Tickets from www.seetickets.com

    Have some tunes,in the form of a recent lyric video from Conan.

  • Klammer to support Richie Ramone

    Richie Ramone localYorkshire post-punk act KLAMMER are confirmed to join Richie Ramone on his forthcoming UK tour.

    The tour hits Newcastle on February 9th at The Cluny, although Richie has done a few UK tours in recent years, this will be the first in Newcastle.

    Klammer have been getting a lot of good press lately, including showcases on BBC Introducing and it’s a real pleasure to have them on board for the ride.

    They’ll likely be on stage around 8.30pm – with Richie doing a long set from 9.30pm

    You can check them out below.

    Tickets selling well and available from www.seetickets.com

  • Ayria + Inertia return for 2016

    ayria***New Show***

    In 2014 we hosted a double-header of two great electro bands, Ayria and Inertia.  It was very well received and a good fun night.

    Well… we’re doing it again.

    June 9th we welcome back Ayria and Inertia for their joint 2016 tour.  It’s in support of new material from both bands and is dubbed the ‘Paper Dolls’ tour.

    Ayria recently released an EP, ‘Feed Her to the Wolves’, which contained two new songs – you can stream or buy it here

    The most recent video from Inertia is for ‘Dark Valentine’ – you can view that here

    Tickets are just £10 in advance – you can purchase from www.seetickets.com or locally from Reflex Records

  • Introducing…. VH Yes

    There isn’t very much info available about VH Yes.  I mean – this is their Facebook page – which, despite only having 6 likes (at press time) the band are touring with CJ Wildheart in February.

    This includes the Newcastle show on February 19th at Think Tank, alongside Drama Club Rejects.

    When asking for more info about the band – I got sent the following :

    U-matic? No.
    Betamax? No.

    Do you remember when the world was simple? When synths and guitars weren’t sub-genres? When pop rocked and music was actually fun?
    Don’t say “Yes”… Say “VH-YES.”

    Pulling together the cream of West Midland talent (with a little bit of Berlin spice for good measure), VH-YES are a female-fronted power up playing the hits the 80s forgot to write. Widescreen tunes shot in glorious Technicolor, this is a band that will not be going straight to video.

    Sounds good.  A little more digging finds they share members with Hey You Guys who might be a little better known in some circles.

    VH Yes are launching a debut video in January, we’ll be sharing that.  But if you want to be ultra up with the cool kids in following bands before anyone knows who they are, then start following…

    Tickets – get em here… it’ll be a treat.

  • Drama Club Rejects (ex-Wildhearts/Almighty/Jellys/Supercharger) join CJ Wildheart for Newcastle show

    dramaclubWe’re pleased to announce the support for the CJ Wildheart show at Think Tank on February 19th.

    Tour support comes from VH Yes – they’re a decent act.

    But, I think the bulk of the news for this show comes around the local support, Drama Club Rejects

    Drama Club Rejects are a new melody driven punk rock band consisting of an amalgamation of artists who have already got quite a history in the genre. Nick Parsons ( Almighty, Whatever) Stidi (Wildhearts, Jellys, Whatever) and Nash (Supercharger). Combining edgy riffs, power pop chorus’s and down right dirty mood swings.

    As Stidi has played with CJ in two bands, don’t be too surprised if there’s a little collaboration going on.

    Tickets are £10 in advance and available from www.seetickets.com – you can also pick them up locally from Reflex Records.