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  • Under the Spotlight : Skarlett Riot

     skarlettoct Under the Spotlight : Skarlett Riot + The Raven Age

    Introducing you to our shows…

    Ah, Skarlett Riot – I know that name, you had them on earlier this year, didn’t you?

    We did. They played Cluny 2 last time, but doing Think Tank this time.

    Why a different venue?

    Lots of reasons, add a bit variety, availability and of course we can let some of their younger fans into TT.  Though, they appeal to all ages.

    OK. So, sell them to me – who are they?

    They’re a 4 piece from Scunthorpe.
    Skarlett, Danny, Martin and Luke.
    They’re a really hard-working young band, they’ve played Bloodstock, Download, HRH, Leeds/Reading – toured with Kamelot, Gus G and more – oh – and their debut album received rave reviews : 4/5, 9/10 and the likes from most of the big hitters.

    Just one album? OK, give me a tune to check out…

    Well – they’ve an album and EP and some singles.
    I quite like ‘Divide Us‘ – and ‘Rising‘ (click the links)
    Their songs often have themes around not letting people bring you down, you only have one life – make the most of it, they’re quite a positive band.

    So, they’re good then?chloeskarlett

    But of course, I would say that.
    However – I feel I have to tell you why I’m so keen to work with them again.
    The show in April really impressed me. I’ve worked with a lot of great bands – but other than their general all round professionalism making it good to work with them, where they took things on stage was a beast. They really worked the crowd and it just had a really good vibe and feeling about it.
    There’s just something about them. If you saw them supporting a band you liked you’d be like “Oh, the support were really good” – well here they are as headline.

    ravenageOK. I think I’m sold on Skarlett Riot… this The Raven Age band who are support – they played here in August didn’t they?

    Yes. They played the Riverside supporting Steve Harris’ British Lion.

    As in Steve Harris from Iron Maiden? Woah.

    Yep. Woah. They did well also, see my above point on “oh, the support were really good” – they made some new fans.

    So, tell me more about them anyway, who are they?

    They’re a 5 piece melodic metal band from Harlow, they’ve released one EP which is simply called ‘The Raven Age’ – and that hit number 1 in the Amazon Hot New Releases chart – number 16 in the rock and metal chart.
    They’ve an album out later this year.

    OK, that’s pretty cool – what should I check out by them?

    ‘Angel in Disgrace’ has been the track they’ve been pushing most.

    Hmm, OK. Anyone else playing?

    Yes, two local bands : Edenthorn and Blackout Hotel.
    So you get 4 bands for just £8 advance. (Tenner on the door on the night)

    That’s not bad, I guess, hmm… but I could just catch them next time…?skarlettriot

    You could skip it and hope the planets allign for you another time. But we’ve got 4 great bands for £8 on a Sunday night in a city centre venue – no rushing from work, everything finished for a civil hometime.
    Conditions might not be so favourable next time.

    I guess. OK, remind me of the details…?

    Skarlett Riot + The Raven Age
    + Edenthorn + Blackout Hotel
    Live at Think Tank
    October 4th
    Tickets from www.seetickets.com

  • New Show : Tragedy

    Live favourites Tragedy are our first announced show for 2016 (and don’t worry, there’s more in the pipeline).
    We’ve got them at The Cluny on March 5th 2016 – ooh, some Saturday Night Fever.

    If you know Tragedy, you’re probably off to buy tickets now.

    If you don’t…. well, they are the ultimate tribute disco party metal band.
    Whilst starting as a Bee Gees tribute (METAL style, of course) they’ve evolved in recent years to include many other popular disco hits in their set – whether it’s ‘Raining Men’ (sounding more like ‘Raining Blood’) or ‘YMCA’ or their take on ‘You’re the One that I Want’ which went utterly viral earlier this year – they bring the party. They bring glitter. They bring confetti. You leave with a smile a mile wide.

    Pre-warning : those allergic to smiling should not attend this event.

    It’s a party and a half and it’s always fun and it’s a Saturday night.  P-a-r-t-y.

    Tickets £10 advance – available from Reflex Records, over the bar at The Cluny or here on seetickets

    NYC’s Tragedy: A Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees & Beyond,  is an over-the-top bombast of Disco, Metal, Glitter and Magic – the #1 Party Band.

    Born out of the impenetrable divide of Disco and Metal, these six fearsome brothers fearlessly obliterated the truce line that had been set in the great Disco/Metal Peace accord of 1977 when they seamlessly blended the two genres with the debut album We Rock Sweet Balls and Can Do No Wrong which was a collection of Bee Gees songs redone in a heavy metal treatment reminiscent of Iron Maiden, Guns N Roses and Aersomith. Since then, they have crisscrossed the globe with their spectacular live shows and have already stormed the UK with nine tours. Subsequent full length albums, Humbled By Our Greatness, Death To False Disco Metal and The Solo Albums have seen them spread their glittered wings to take on non Bee Gees classics from the Disco era, soft rock anthems and party jams. In 2015, Tragedy broke the internet with a viral video featuring their take on You’re the One That I Want from the Grease soundtrack.

    If you’re allergic to smiling be afraid… be very afraid. Tragedy sweats glitter and cums confetti!



    Tragedy has headlined festivals such as Bloodstock, Rebellion, Summer Breeze and Hammerfest.



    Metal Hammer

    Camp as a row of tents, and with more hooks than hell’s cloakroom, Tragedy guarantee it.


    Tiny Mix Tapes

    Tragedy manage to dwell in the realm of novelty while far exceeding their worth as a concept…the aesthetic is somewhere in between the flamboyance of the disco-era Bee Gees and the flamboyance of mid-eighties hair metal, with some extra flamboyance thrown in for the sake of flamboyance.
    The Sun, UK
    “Hard riffs, tight white flares, and even tighter octave-scraping harmonies…essential listening.”



    One of the hottest videos on the internet.  These kids aren’t the leather jacket-wearing greasers from the ’50s, but rather a modernized hard rock band of brothers attending the Our Lady of Perpetual Decimation high school. When the leader, Disco Mountain Man, arrives back in the halls, he’s greeted by his buddies who ask him what he’s been up to all summer. And much like Grease, it’s revealed that he met up with a girl. But this is no poodle-skirt wearing young lady. Instead, it’s an anarchy-loving blonde bombshell decked out in black and red. What follows is a re-imagined version of the song, with an ominous opening bass line and killer vocals from Mountain Man reminiscent of some of ’80s metal.
    Village Voice
    “Everyone from Feist to Tom Jones has covered the disco hits of the Bee Gees, but perhaps no one does those gooey soft-rock numbers better than Tragedy…Shiny costumes, dramatic eye makeup and headbanging hilarity…”
    Metal Rules
    The greatest heavy-metal-meets-disco party you could possibly wish for.
    Back in the dark days of disco, the Bee Gees were the shit, despite having massive teeth, bigger hair and a falsetto only dogs could hear…with the righteous power of heavy metal, We Rock Sweet Balls and Can Do No Wrong mixes Guns ‘N’ Roses swagger, the Scorpions’ sense of pomp and Judas Priest-esque vocals to create a sound that is exactly like The Darkness!



    You’re the One That I Want” Heavy Metal Tribute to ‘Grease’ is as great as it sounds. They created a music video for the cover, and it is exactly what you’d think a heavy metal version of Grease would look like. Between the crazy outfits, wild hair, air guitars, and locker room parties, the only question left to ask is, why hasn’t this idea been adapted into a full length movie yet? We want more!



    Decked in their hair-metal finest, with no can of Aqua-Net spared, Tragedy frolic on the beach, woo their ladies and then unleash their thrash chops in the most anarchistic pep rally this side of “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” The result is hilarious and arguably even more heartwarming than the original, not least for the visual pun unleashed on the line ‘it’s electrifying.‘”


    Guitar World

    Tragedy: All Metal Tribute to the Bee Gees & Beyond has indeed pulled off a spot-on hair-metal spoof of the song, complete with a locker-room scene that takes place at Our Lady of Perpetual Decimation High School.


    USA Today

    A note-perfect hair-metal spoof of You’re the One That I Want, complete with a locker scene set at Our Lady of Perpetual Decimation High School. Only instead of pony tails and poodle skirts, the girls have teased hair and tattered Hot Topic outfits. You’ll never see Danny and Sandy the same after this metal ‘Grease’ cover.

  • New Show : The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing

    menposter liteIf you missed this morning’s newsletter – we’ve two new shows announced this week and we’ll refresh them both on our website this week.

    The soonest of the two is the welcome return of The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing who will be hitting up Think Tank on November 20th.

    They’ve new album ‘Not Your Typical Victorians’ out soon (available for pre-order on bandcamp now) and it’ll be a much welcome visit of our favourite steamPUNKs.

    Tickets are £8 in advance and available locally at Reflex Records, or online from www.seetickets.com 

    The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing have been kicking back against the modern dystopia by mixing anarchy and anachrony and marinating it in gin-soaked steampunk, with emphasis on the punk.

    Their third album Not Your Typical Victorians almost didn’t happen when, in 2014, frontman Andy Heintz was diagnosed with throat cancer. Now in remission, they are ready to unleash their unique and uncompromising sound unto the punk rock loving masses.

    Imagine, if you will, a socially conscious punk band channelling the sound of a robot Sid Vicious, hopped up on Crass, covering Slayer in an 1877 East End Music Hall: a murky mix of Doctor Who, Doctor Watson and doctored history. TMTWNBBFN spout socially conscious lyrics focussed on the nineteenth century that remain remarkably applicable today, with previous double a-side single The Gin Song / Third Class Coffin along with album tracks ‘A Clean Sweep’ and ‘Miner’ strangely poignant in this new age of austerity.

    Formed of Andy Heintz (vocals and musical saw), comedian Andrew O’Neill (guitar and vocals), comedian and writer Marc Burrows (bass and vocals), and Jez Miller (drums and vocals), the London four piece’s obsession with murky Victoriana and a flair for writing satirical songs that lose none of their punk edge has seen them grace the stages of Glastonbury, Secret Garden Party, Bestival, Green Man, Latitude and the Edinburgh Fringe, as well as sold out shows at London’s Borderline and The Garage.

    The band count Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Robert Rankin and Phil Jupitus as fans and their 2012 release The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing Cannot Be Killed By Conventional Weapons had The Independent On Sunday’s Simon Price giving it a well deserved 4 star review noting it was “packed with droll Victoriana – 1877-meets-1977 fun”.

  • Under the Spotlight : Dog Fashion Disco and Psychostick

     Under the Spotlight : Dog Fashion Disco & Psychostickdfdposter

    There’s two-fold purpose in being a promoter.
    (1) Bringing bands people want to see – i.e. existing fans of the band can see them in their hometown
    (2) Introducing new fans to cool bands.

    If you know DFD or Psychostick you probably already have tickets or are intending on purchasing tickets (I hope…) if you don’t, then read on – let’s get to know them.

    So – who are Dog Fashion Disco?

    Dog Fashion Disco are an avant-garde metal band from Maryland.dfd band
    They released 6 albums before splitting up in 2007. They reformed with a crowd-funded album (‘Sweet Nothings’) which released the $85,000 target really quickly and decided to use that to “come back” properly and are doing a new album ‘Ad Nauseum’ as a follow up (out Oct 2nd).

    How come I don’t know them?

    They’ve done UK shows before, largely festivals, but think this is their first time up here. They’ve not been over so often so they’re not the sort of band that’s easy to stumble upon.
    They do have a large cult following, however, unsurprisingly this show (and others in the UK) are selling well.

    So, 6 albums – then 2 since they came back… what should I check out first?

    The track ‘Albino Rhino‘ is a crowd favourite at shows. We also like ‘War Party’
    Or why not check out the title track from ‘Ad Nauseum‘ (click song titles for links!)

    band_bathroom_7You seem to be making a big deal out of the support band, Psychostick, why?

    Because they’re awesome.

    Could you be more specific? Who are they? What are they? Why are they?

    They are a comedy metal band from Arizona. Humorcore they call their genre. (Damn Americans can’t spell ‘humour’).
    They’ve got 4 albums, this will be their first UK tour.
    Most of their tracks are original tracks, but they do have a couple of parodies including ‘Numbers (I can only count to 4)‘ (guess which Drowning Pool song that parodies)

    4 albums – OK – so what should I check out?

    They’re probably most famous for ‘Beer is Good‘ – but we love the ‘Revenge of the Vengeance’ album – the whole thing, picking a favourite is like picking which of my children is the favourite. If I had children. Which I don’t. I hope.
    OK. OK. We think you might like ‘Obey the Beard‘. That’s the first Psychostick song I heard and is actually why I booked them. That song. Make a note of it, it might come up in pub quizzes. Or, maybe, I think I get super feels from ‘Blue Screen‘ – it’s emotional. Plus ‘Bruce Campbell‘ is pretty funny. Not sure if Bruce sees it that way.

    OK, OK. So you really think I’m going to enjoy this show?

    But then, I would say that I guess. If you like something that’s a bit different. Like heavy music. Like a laugh. Then, you know – it’s worth checking out.

    Hmm, could I not just catch them next time?

    First time in Newcastle for Dog Fashion Disco. First time in the UK for Psyschostick – we got a Sunday night so you don’t have to rush from work – and we’ll be finished in good time for your last bus.
    Who knows if there’ll be a next time and if the set up will be so favourable.

    OK, OK, when is it?

    September 13th.
    The Cluny
    Advance tickets from The Cluny or www.seetickets.com
    Got it? Good.

  • Two New Gig Announcements…

    …next Tuesday at 10am

    It’s been quiet from us for new announcements (though click here to see some of the great stuff we’ve coming up) but we have TWO new shows to announce on September 1st at 10am, they’ll also be immediately on sale.

    We can’t really say too much above that, except one is in Think Tank and the other in The Cluny and we expect both shows to do well.

    We also have another show to announce later in September and have a couple of others in the pipeline.

    We’ll be setting up our media to auto-update at that time, but we know what it’s like getting on line sometimes, so we’ll also be sending out our mailshot at 10am on September 1st, so you get the announcements as they happen direct to your inbox.

    If you’re not yet on our mailing list – join here – we usually send out one a week – and if it’s a quiet week, we don’t bother you.

    Signing up is the best way to make sure you never miss a gig announcement.

  • Cluny listed as one of UK’s top venues

    A post on gigwise of the best UK venues has returned The Cluny amongst their very best.

    You can see their list here.

    They describe it as a “Hidden gem” (no disagreements here) and “…one of the best bars in the world” (we haven’t drank in every bar in the world yet : but we’re working on it)

    We also agree it’s one of our favourite venues to work with in Newcastle (along with Think Tank and The Globe, of course) and we’ve hosted many great shows and looking forward to many more.

    While we’re here, our announced upcoming shows in The Cluny are…

    July 18th : The Cureheads + Lizzie and the Banshees
    September 13th : Dog Fashion Disco + Psychostick
    October 15th : Hanzel und Gretyl + Seraph Sin

    Tickets for all available from Seetickets.com , Reflex Record – or why not pop to The Cluny, have a beer and a burger (or cider and chilli, or Craft Lager and Hot Dog) and buy tickets over the bar.

  • Psychostick Want To Stalk “Bruce Campbell”

    Comedy metal band Psychostick has released an official music video for their tribute to, “…the greatest actor ever known: Bruce Campbell.” The video shows vocalist Rob Kersey doing all sorts of fun activities with “Bruce Campbell”, all while extolling the various roles the actor has portrayed. Things start to get a little weird towards the end, entering the realm of stalker territory. However, I think Bruce can handle himself, especially if he’s even remotely close to being like Ash in the “Ash vs Evil Dead” trailer that premiered yesterday!

    Psychostick are doing their first UK tour later this year, this includes a show for us in Newcastle with Dog Fashion Disco at The Cluny on September 13th : you can get tickets here

  • Eric Martin has message for UK Fans

    Eric Martin has given a little shout out and message to his Facebook fans about the forthcoming UK tour – you can see the video here.

    If you read some of the comments, Eric has also invited Dox from Rusted Hero to learn a couple of his songs to join him!  This is really shaping up to be a very special night, which I’m sure will make up for the immigration fiasco last December.

    Support is from Simon Kaviani and Rusted Hero doing a special acoustic set.

    The Newcastle show is at Think Tank on August 15th.  If you need tickets you can get them here. Or alternatively from Reflex Records.

    Just a reminder if you had tickets from last December they are still valid and will be honored.

    It’s getting exciting :)