About Us

RFTK Promotions is a company who loves to rock. Between us, we book bands for many venues in Newcastle (some regularly, some more ad-hoc), run club nights most weekends and keep up to date with interviews, reviews and general media coverage of local, national and international acts.

Our team have been running and DJing at club nights in Newcastle over the past 10 years. Not all of these nights are/were part of RFTK, but we have a wealth experience and have ploughed through the good times and bad. Nights we are, or have been, involved with include : Twisted, Trashed, Lockdown, Toxic, Tech Noir, The Charnel House, Hellfire, Blackout, Boomslang, Friday I’m In Love, Boneyard and Floorshow.

There are far too many bands to list that we’ve worked with for live shows, but, either as part of RFTK or on separate projects our team have worked on shows locally including : Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), Filter, Combichrist, VNV Nation, LA Guns, Love/Hate, Enuff Z’Nuff, Faster Pussycat, Grendel, The Dead Lay Waiting, Blaze Bailey, Gene Loves Jezebel, Sheep on Drugs, NFD (ex-Fields of the Nephilim), (Hed)PE, My Ruin, Orange Goblin, Karma to Burn, Nashville Pussy, Skeletal Family, The Cruxshadows, Angelspit, Faderhead, Falling Red, Electric Boys, Vain and many, many more…

In many cases we’ve brought these bands for their first ever shows in the region – and for some we brought them back after a long absence – Electric Boys played for us in 2012 and previously hadn’t played Newcastle since 1989!

We’ve managed to build a reputation based on treating bands well, whilst nobody gets spoilt our team is friendly, approachable and welcoming which is why many of these acts come to us again and why we’re always opening our inboxes to find more requests from bands looking for shows then we can sometimes manage!

Of course, it helps that we’re all big music fans. We’ve all got massive CD collections (and vinyl collections!) reflecting our diverse tastes and passion for music. But still, nothing quite like that feeling when you discover even more new and exciting bands : there are certainly plenty around in need of attention… so come to our shows and discover some of them.