Actors / Empathy Test – superb co-headline tour.

Empathy Test poster 212x300 - Actors / Empathy Test - superb co-headline tour.TRILLIANS – JUNE 20th

We’re proud to announce this very exciting co-headline show, sub titled NEW BLOOD UK TOUR 2019 for those people who say where is the new talent coming from?, this is the tour for you!

First up… a hot prospect from Canada – a band that helped blow away Infest last year – and one that quite a few people have asked us to book…

We give you…

they are a band that quite a few people have asked us to book! They electrify with a modern take on post-punk, despite influences from Bowie, Joy Division etc, they remain fresh and urgent, their music stands on it’s own, full of life and unforgettable hooks! Post punk never sounded so good!

and they’ll be joined by one of the UKs hot prospects, a band who has made a good mark around the UK – we give you…

One of the UK’s hottest synth prospects and probably the hardest working act in the scene at the moment, a band who is currently on tour with VNV Nation and has made a huge impact in the UK and Europe, where indeed they are a headline act already! Be warned once their warm melodies get their hooks in you, there’s no letting go! Be prepared to be immersed in their sublime melancholic pop!

and they will be joined by one of the fine local talents – who are doing far more than “just kicking us off” we give you


this is gonna be belter
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