Introducing : Lord of the Lost

lotltour 300x300 - Introducing : Lord of the LostA few days ago, when we announced the reschedulement of the KMFDM tour, we also announced that special guests would be Lord of the Lost.

It may well be that you already know the band – and if you like them you are probably quite excited about their appearance, it is their first time in the UK since three small dates in 2010.

They’ve had 4 more studio albums out since then… plus a live album, an acoustic album and an album with an Orchestra.

They’ve been busy.

Before we continue – the Newcastle show is September 5th at Think Tank

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LOTL are a German Metal band, hailing from Hamburg.  Quite popular in some of the Gothic circles within Germany and they play fairly high up at the festivals there and have done multiple tours with many of the stalwarts on the scene.

Last year they were the guests on the European leg of the Combichrist/Filter tour but sadly could not do the UK dates.

They have been keen to build on their success on the mainland in the UK and this is a good tour to give them a platform.

Having such a large catalogue, where to start is a tricky one – so for some introductory listening…

‘Dry the Rain’ from Debut album ‘Fears’
‘Drag Me to Hell’ from new album
and one from the middle…
‘Die Tomorrow’