M2TM – Heat 1 – Write Up


desolation 1024x576 - M2TM - Heat 1 - Write Up
Photo by Newcastle Live Bands

It feels strange starting M2TM so late.
Normally we’re about half way through the comp by now – but we opted for a later start with weekly, rather than fortnightly, heats.

Mind – with the recent grotty weather we thought an April start may be more pleasant…

And yet it STILL snowed.

However – that didn’t stop the bands, nor a respectable crowd.

Sadly, we are down to 4 bands. The first heat suffered two drop outs and we were able to replace one, but a little too short notice for the second.

So, it’s pushing 8pm when electro-metal trip THIS HOLY VIRUS open the 2018 competition.
Pretty decent mix of styles and ideas, like an angry Gary Numan. Fairly well received and a good way to prise the competition open.
Really looking forward to seeing more from these guys in the coming months, there’s a lot of potential.

DESOLATION stepped in following the withdrawal of Rossi Noise. While this may have felt it would boost chances, an experienced band with a strong following replaced by a relatively young and unknown band.
This is actually their first time gigging in Newcastle.
The band are groove metal with a few hints of 90s grunge and nu-metal, but a passionate performance impresses many. Enough to see them through to the semis.

kraken waker 1024x576 - M2TM - Heat 1 - Write Up
Photo by Newcastle Live Bands

I’ve a lot of love for PRETTY LIVID IMPS – they’ve a lovely set of punky rock and roll, with lots of fast and uplifting anthems. They should be a lot bigger. But, maybe I’m just bias.
They’re well received but have two tough bands to follow and it doesn’t quite get them over the line this time.

The beast to beat was always going to be KRAKEN WAKER.
They made it to the semi finals last time with their nautical sludge. They’re previewing a couple of tracks from their new EP and you know – they’re going to be a challenge to get passed in the semis this year as well.
They’re simple but effective – riffs, riffs, beards, riffs, beards, riffs.

It’s been an interesting start to the competition… for sure.

Look ahead for Heat 2

Photos by Newcastle Live Bands