M2TM Heat 2 Write Up

M2TM starts with an uncomfortable headache.

The lads from Nephilim are quite young looking and lack ID.

The M2TM Newcastle rules state all band members must be 18 at the time of heat and venue rules is 18+ from 7pm.

So. Snap discretion – stick them on at 6.30pm and if they get through make sure they arrive with ID for the semis.

yersintrills 300x225 - M2TM Heat 2 Write Up

This does disappoint a few who miss them, which is a shame – they’re a young band clearly brought up on Avenged Sevenfold and they’re certainly tight and competent.

“No Place to Hide” is certainly a tune and a half.

Although they don’t get through this time, I do look forward to seeing them again in the future and how they progress.

Yersin opened the first heat last year and totally set the bar with their energetic grindcore enslaught. They were so so unlucky not to go through last time, but this time around they just own the stage (and space in front of the stage… and half the venue) and again set a bar to beat. They get through this time.
Looking forward to some ‘Burzum and Chill’ in the semis.

I kinda feel for Leading Zeroes – they’re really bloody good but must feel quite lost sandwiched between grind and donk. They do produce some fairly enjoyable alt rock and seem well received. Speaking to them afterwards they were in a pretty postive attitude despite not going through, which is something I massively appreciate.
There were a lot of smiles and nods while they were on, so they’ve at least got some new friends.

armo trills 225x300 - M2TM Heat 2 Write Up

Next up is the band that makes us all question our life choices – the Newcastle Upon Tyne Speed Donk experience.
They have an extremely strong fanbase and bring all of the songs about Donk. They are the visual and musical equivalent of a guy in a shark onesie dry humping a guy in a dinosaur onesie.
Certainly memorable.
“I think we’re going to stop now because we need to set up because a real band is on next”

So, Armortura have the, ahem, pleasure of following them and closing.
And, you know what. They do it well. Proper traditional heavy metal which there’s not been enough of in the Newcastle runs – and decent and tight to boot.
Certainly raising the curtain at the end and I look forward to seeing them in the semis.


Looking ahead to next week’s line up… holy fuck, that’s gone be hard to call.