M2TM – Heat 3 write up

Heat 3, already?

We’re half way through the heats? This is flying over.

A horribly close evening where every judge carried a different opinion. Chucking in the crowd reactions and applying to the calculations and formula (there is a process to this, honest. It’s probably more straight forward than I make out).

So, first up we have Creature.
I’ve a lot of time for Creature, they’re a fun grunge band and very enjoyable. I kinda hate thinking of stuff like this in any way retro. It certainly feels fresh and relevant.
They were one of my pre-contest tips to do well, especially as they made the play offs last year – but the opening slot in a tough heat works against them a bit.

drk 300x199 - M2TM - Heat 3 write up

Dead River Kings are a surprise package. They’ve got their blues driven hard rock thing down to a tee. More than a few nods to Black Stone Cherry. There’s a lot of experience and they’re pretty darn tight. The crowd seems to like them too and that just helps them pinch a place in the semis in the end.

Mechanical were added into the competition following the late withdrawal of Ellen Moss. They’d originally meant to be in Heat 1, but pulled out on health. But, they’re back now and it’s enjoyable minimal rock. George was in solo last year and, similarly, you can kinda watch and know in your heart that tonight they’re not going through, but enjoy them anway.

Anti-Bastard divide a little opinion, they’re very loud and very punk. They whistle through an 11 song set list without going over the 25 minute set length. That gives you an idea of the type of punk they are, crusty fast… loud… fun. Opinion splitting.
Well *I* enjoyed them.

Actually, I do always find it hard to sound sincere but I genuinely enjoy every band.
Some in different ways to others, mind.
But, I dunno – it feels like it’s been a while since I enjoyed a band quite like Skyryder.

skyryder 300x200 - M2TM - Heat 3 write up

Skyryder for me… they’re overblown fantasy hair metal. You know all those cheese laiden Maiden sound-a-like bands? Yeah. Hellowe’en, Blind Guardian and about a zillion others.
And some of those bands are good and some are just cheese guff.
Well, Skyryder intentionally lay on the cheese but they do it in such a way you can appreciate it.
They don’t take the piss out of the genre, they poke friendly fun at it – and it’s almost impossible not to smile.
Imagine Steel Panther except (a) good (b) funny.
So, well, nothing like steel Panther then.

They do… however… go into a tough Semi…

Right… does it get any easier on Thursday *checks line up*

Oh God….