M2TM Heat 4- This Thursday

odins revenge 300x300 - M2TM Heat 4- This Thursday
Half of the semi-finalists are now decided with The Unholy Concotation and Decrepit Monolith advancing to the semis last time out.

Round 4 is this Thursday at Trillians, with 4 competing bands and 1 guest band.  Remember, entry to this and every heat is FREE entry. Kicking off from 7pm

So, who have we got for you this time – in no particular order (as running order decided on the night) we will be welcoming…

Creature  – Newcastle Alternative Rockvigil 300x137 - M2TM Heat 4- This Thursday

Odin’s Revenge – Local Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

Auto-Immune – Darlington Alternative/Grunge

Vigil – Groove/DJent Metal from… err… Poland.

and, very special guests…

2016 Winners Souls of Jack Ketch – we’re looking forward to welcoming back the band who took the competition by storm last year

creature 300x281 - M2TM Heat 4- This Thursday We will communicate running order on the Facebook event on the evening after the draw takes place.

We hope to see you there for some amazing talent.

A full break down of all the heats below

March 23rd – M2TM Heat 4

Creature, Odin’s Revenge, Autoimmune, Vigil + Souls of Jack Ketch*

April 6th – M2TM Heat 5

Vindicter, Molasses, Coma Violet, Pretty Livid Imps, Wild Fire

April 20th – M2TM Heat 6

Erebor, The Distorted, October Ends, Altostratus, Blackjackautoimmune 300x300 - M2TM Heat 4- This Thursday

*Non-Competingketch 300x200 - M2TM Heat 4- This Thursday