M2TM Heat 5 – This Thursday

coma violet 300x200 - M2TM Heat 5 - This ThursdayLast time out, Vigil and Creature joined the ever-swelling semi finals – and it’s looking to be some serious tight competition alredy and there’s still plenty of bands to look forward to over the next two heats.
Round 5 is this Thursday at Trillians, with 4 competing bands.  Remember, entry to this and every heat is FREE entry. Kicking off from 7pm

There is scope for a 5th band, but at time of writing only 4 are confirmed.

So, who have we got for you this time – in no particular order (as running order decided on the night) we will be welcoming…molasses 300x200 - M2TM Heat 5 - This Thursday


Vindicter  – Metal as fuck.

Molasses – Melodic Metalcore

Coma Violet – Fuzz Pop

Pretty Livid Imps – Punk / Alt Rock

Having just listened over to each of the bands again… phwoar… it’s going to be tight.

We will communicate running order on the Facebook event on the evening after the draw takes place.

pli 300x212 - M2TM Heat 5 - This ThursdayWe hope to see you there for some amazing talent.

So just two heats below… and then we get into semi final territory

April 6th – M2TM Heat 5

Vindicter, Molasses, Coma Violet, Pretty Livid Imps, Wild Firevindicter 300x199 - M2TM Heat 5 - This Thursday

April 20th – M2TM Heat 6

Erebor, The Distorted, October Ends, Altostratus, Blackjack