M2TM Newcastle : Heat 2 Write Up

Although most of our heats are a Thursday, to avoid other clashes, Heat 2 was a nice midweek warmer.

Four competing bands again this week and interesting mix of bands and styles.

“We’re from the bad side of the Tyne,” announce Sunderland band Razorjack who play an enjoyable and competent slice of modern metal, influenced by the likes of Slipknot, they’ve a mild stage presence and some interesting songs.  A cover of ‘Gay Bar’ is also quite amusing and they warm up nicely.

It’s another good way to start the evening, good quality and hopefully they will grow in confidence.

Teeside Thrashes Trendkill (I love alliterations.   Mr Scorer called them the Parmo Pantera.  If you don’t know what a Parmo is, then, you need one in your life… your arterys don’t, but you do.)
Fuck me, what they been feeding kids these days?  The teens deliver face-melting thrash.

They’ve travelled quite a distance to be here, but are going home with some new found friends.

Horrorbilly band Dead By Dawn remind me one of the things I dislike about the competition is the inevitability a good band will have to go out.  They’ve got a bit experience and play a very enjoyable set of songs about zombies, more zombies, reanimation of zombies and general horror songs.  Massive kudos that they carried on despite illness to their drummer, borrowing Dan from the bar to drum their set in his break.  He did this for Lovely Wife last year.  He’ll get through one day.

I did wonder, with the standards tonight, if last year’s finalists I’ll Play the Villain could fall at the first round.  But, they play tonight with a massive whim of confidence, added to their mix of melodic metalcore (alliterations!) and they take the competition and grab it by the balls and punch it a few times.  Last time round, I enjoyed them in the heats, loved them in the Semis but they weren’t on top form in the final, tonight’s performance is probably better than their semi performance last time and they’re going to be one to beat.

Talking to IPTV afterwards I discuss that the 4 bands already through could make one Hell of a final already – and – there’s still 4 more heats to go…. eek…

So, genuinely, there were no bad bands tonight, but congratulations to Trendkill and I’ll Play the Villain who join Kraken Waker and Blood Moon Bandits in the semi’s in May.