M2TM Newcastle – Heat 5 write up

I’m a bit later than usual with my M2TM heat round up (Heat 5 this time).

Believe it or not, in the crazy world I live in, after the gig I got on an over night bus to London to film a pop music video cover of an RnB classic. No, really.

Where was I? Heat 5, yesss…

Opening tonight is Coma Violet. It’s only their second gig. They’re a kind of Fuzz-Pop. Although it’s their second gig, plenty of familiar faces from other bands, the guys have experience and they make it pay off. Plenty of catchy powerful songs. They bounce their way into the semis.

Pretty Livid Imps are fairly well known although are saying goodbye to a member tonight. They deliver a very enjoyable 25 minutes of rock n roll – pretty entertaining.

Vindicter have some moments of brilliance, they’re another band with some fairly familiar faces – metal, metal and metal is the order of the day. Metal as fuck, to say the least. With some cool melodies and harsh vocals they were unlucky not to go through, but a touch more consistency would tip them a long way.

First and last is the order of the day, Molasses deliver some blistering metalcore which seals their place in the semis and lays a brutal ending to the evening.
So much energy and power crashing around.

So that’s the 9th and 10th bands through to the semi finals. This is going to cause some serious headaches because the quality of bands hitting the semi finals is unreal.

So, next up, April 20th… round 6…