Show Round Up

We’ll get individual posts up for each show back up over the next couple of weeks, but, here’s how things stand right now.

Shows marked with a * are co-promoted shows with SSD Concerts – ** are shows that are SSD Concerts only, but we think people who like shows we do would like.
April 28th – Bloodstock Metal 2 Masses Heat 5 @ Trillians (The Fury Remains, I’ll Play the Villain, Rusted Hero, Juratory, Ball of Mayhem)
**May 3rd – Milk Teeth + Black Foxxes + Eat Me @ Think Tank
**May 5th – Chameleons Vox @ Think Tank
**May 14th – Chasity Belt @ Think Tank
May 15th – Bloodstock Metal 2 Masses Semi-Final 1 @ Think Tank (Hellion Rising, Arcite, Guardian, Devil’s Night + 1 more)
May 23rd – Mortiis + Seraph Sin + deadfilmstar @ Cluny
*May 27th – Dorje @ Independent (Sunderland)
May 29th – Bloodstock Metal 2 Masses Semi-Final 2 @ Think Tank (Guilt City, The Distorted, Dirty King, Souls of Jack Ketch + 1 more)
*May 30th – Cold in Berlin @ Head of Steam
June 9th – Ayria + Inertia + EurasianeyeS @ Think Tank
June 17th – Bloodstock Metal 2 Masses Final @ Cluny (5 bands from the Semi Finals)
*June 29th – Combchrist + Filter + Rabia Sorda @ Riverside
*October 5th – The Birthday Massacre @ Think Tank

Tickets for all bar the Bloodstock M2TM shows are available from – Reflex Records, RPM and Beatdown

Tickets for shows at The Cluny can be purchased over the bar.