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  • idestroy - Femme-Punk Trio IDestroy join The Men... tour Femme-Punk Trio IDestroy join The Men… tour

    the men that will not be blamed for nothing at trillians with idestroy

    We’re pleased to announce and amazing addition to the forthcoming tour with The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing.

    IDestroy have built up a local following in their own right – and now embarking on a major tour with The Men…

    Locally, that visits Trillians on March 13th

    Some nice things people have said about them include :

    “The band are fronted by singer/guitarist Bec Jevons, who manages to combine her hard mod-punk look style with a presence that seems to channel equal parts Shirley Manson and Joan Jett.” – Fred Perry Subculture

    “If you like your rock’n’roll short, sharp and spiky, then Bristol grrrl rockers IDestroy might just be your favourite new band. They snap, they crackle, they pop, and they wear studded leather jackets with a feisty punk sneer.” – Classic Rock Magazine

    “Bristol alt.rock crew have been eating riffs for breakfast here. Just listen – massive guitar everywhere!” – Kerrang! Magazine

    Tickets are available here (clicky)

    [youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_6igNKN8LI’]

  • BANNER - Newcastle M2TM Returns for 2018! Newcastle M2TM Returns for 2018!

    m2tm newcastle

    Here we go again… Bloodstock M2TM 2018.

    Yet again we are grateful to have Newcastle representation and a certainty that one local band will go to play Bloodstock in 2018.

    It may seem a cliche but, Judas Priest, Nightwish, Gojira, Your Band, etc. it could be true.

    In recent years we’ve managed to send The Souls of Jack Ketch, Decrepid Monolith, Trendkill and Dirty King – who will we send next year?!

    At this point things couldn’t be simpler. Read on to check you meet criteria and drop us a mail, kev@rftkpromotions.co.uk – we’ll get packs out later this week or early next which basically repeats the info here and any fine tuning.

    (1) First off, your band must be any form of alternative rock.
    By alternative rock, I mean, you know – I won’t disrespect any band here, but flowery Oasis-lite stuff, not very Bloodstock.
    However, you don’t necessarily need to be pure cvlt black metal or ambient thrash noise, everything from grunge, southern rock, all shades of metal, industrial, stoner, doom, y’know… just not indie pop.

    (2) Second, your band has to be local(ish) – we are defining local as Tyne and Wear (obviously), Northumberland, Durham, Teeside.
    Other than that, there are M2TM in Selby, Carlisle and Glasgow – so you should really play your local competition – we will consider entrants from N.Yorkshire and Scottish Borders providing you are in no other M2TM competition.

    (3) Third, your band has to be legal – as in every single member and any crew must be 18 (or over) at the time of your heat. It’s a condition of license and if any of your members have been special enough to be banned from Trillians than this obviously wouldn’t be overturned.

    (4) Your band must be DIY – this means no label or genuine DIY label. If your label boss runs it out of his spare room in his lunch break, you’re in. If you are unsure, for example distribution deals or licensing arrangements then drop us the info and we’ll check with the powers that be.

    (5) Your band must not have played the New Blood stage previously

    (6) Heats are generally a Thursday, Semis on Sunday, Final on Saturday. We can be flexible-ish regarding work arrangements. That doesn’t mean your band gets to automatically go on last (which isn’t the best slot in terms of progression….). So, yeah, you must be able to commit to the rounds.

    (7) All the heats are in Trillians and all free entry. This is to keep things simple and consistent for bands and fans and also to help maximise turn out – so you get more people to play to.

    (8) There is no entry fee, no ticket sell, no audience quota, no bullshit. I don’t give a shit if you bring 5 people or 50. You are expected, of course, to assist with pushing the show. But, this is for bands yet to find a following as well as those with one. Bringing people is an advantage because particularly in the heats – judging is a mixture of judge opinion and crowd reaction.

    (9) We’re open to the idea of non-competing guest bands. For example previous winners or out-of-town bands who will add something to the shows (and not just play to the crowds the locals have brought)

    (10) And that overall – there’ll be more than 20 bands and, sadly, only one is sure of going to Bloodstock. However good you are or aren’t, treating it as fun and networking and a gig that is likely to be well attended and you’re winning even if you don’t get through. (And always feel free to nudge Hilly to see if he’s anything else for you…)

    So, yes… drop us a line… kev@rftkpromotions.co.uk – heats begin in March.

  • TELT Poster Final - Electric Liberation Tour - Line-Up Change Electric Liberation Tour – Line-Up Change

    Some news! It’s been a pretty crazy few weeks in the run up to the Electronic Liberation Tour 2017, and we’ve been fraught with problems behind the scenes, so here’s an update.

    Unfortunately, Syd.31 won’t be able to join us on this tour for personal reasons. We’re gutted too, and hope they can play for you soon.

    The good news though, is that the rest of the team have rallied round, and we’ve roped in some friends as very special guests for the remaining dates on the tour. Twist Helix will be joining us in Newcastle. Check ’em out below

    ded.pixel , St Lucifer and Def Neon will all be performing as normal.

    The running order will be decided closer to the day.

    It’s been rough, but the last thing we want to do is let down the rest of the tour and the people coming along to support us so… bring it on and we’ll see you in November.

    Saturday 25th November 2017
    7:00pm doors
    Head of Steam (ThinkTank Underground), 2 Neville Street, Newcastle, NE1 5EN
    £8 adv. / £10 otd.  Ticket Link
    18+ only



  • hellyeah - KMFDM - new video - show next week! KMFDM – new video – show next week!

    kmfdm copy 212x300 - KMFDM - new video - show next week!

    We’re just a week away from history being made as KMFDM come to Newcastle for the first time ever.  Hitting up Think Tank on September 5th, this will certainly be a night to remember.

    They’ve just recently unleashed stunning new album ‘Hell Yeah’ and you can check out a lyric video to the title track here and the new video for ‘Murder My Heart’ below

    Don’t forget, very special guest Lord of the Lost are coming along for this tour – and you can check out the video for their new track ‘Waiting for you to die’ here

    We’re also chuffed to welcome Inertia back on this run, who will be in support of new single ‘Only Law’ – which you can check out here.

    This has been an extremely popular show and understandably a lot of tickets have sold, which should be lovely and cosy in a 250 capacity venue.

    If you wish to purchase them, you can grab them from seetickets.com they are £16 plus BF (so, £17.60) which makes them the cheapest on the the tour.  There may be some available on the door, but these will be priced at £20 – so save some money and guarantee your place.


  • NEWCASTLE - M2TM Newcastle - 2017 Winners and Write Up M2TM Newcastle – 2017 Winners and Write Up

    “You’re not making this any easier for me,” jokes Simon Hall of Bloodstock, after a string of strong performances in the 2017 M2TM Final.

    “Isn’t that the point?” I joke back.

    Seriously though, some of the performances were out of the park.

    Some things I’ve kept close to my chest. When anyone asks my opinion on who will go through I’ve said stuff like “we’ve 4, 5, 6 great bands tonight” (depending on how many playing) although the truth is, in some of the rounds I did have an opinion… and in most cases I was wrong!

    This is a good thing, mostly, because for the best part I’ve been proven wrong because another band has upped their game.

    End result – lots of great performances.

    So, I’m going to break rank and say going into the final I felt it would be between Trendkill and Decrepit Monolith.

    But, The Unholy Concoction threaten to prove me wrong from the start!
    They’ve been an interesting one this competition – in their heat, there was a clear winner in Decrepit Monolith but judges were divided in who else to send through – TUC were Iain from Jack Ketch’s pick (he was a guest judge that night) and we swayed over to his choice. We can put it on record that his call was clearly justified.
    In the semi finals they were amazing and just pipped out of an automatic place in the final (like really!) and were a convincing second in the play off, but that wouldn’t have been enough to get them to the final.

    However, massive blow as Vigil found flight cancellations stranded them in Europe – and so the logical band to invite to take their place was TUC – so they ended up doing this show on 6 hours notice and it was a massively strong showing. It’s the type of opening band that sets the level for everyone else and a tough one to beat.

    17629710 1053761971392066 7143851780597417319 n 300x200 - M2TM Newcastle - 2017 Winners and Write Up

    You know, I frequently joke about Trendkill being so young and I shouldn’t – but seriously, these lads have a good future ahead of them. It’s gonna be challenging cos the music industry is just that – I’m old enough to have seen so many “this band could make it” that don’t – certainly though, I want to see where they go from here : they’re just oozing confidence whilst aiming just to have fun – and if they can keep that balance, they’re gonna have more good times ahead of them.
    Proper ear melting thrash – it’s interesting cos there is a clear Pantera influence going on, but I don’t personally like Pantera (we’re all allowed opinions) but love these guys and I’ve just been so stoked to see them cruise their way through he competition.


    Decrepit Monolith up next and they just don’t disappoint. They play with such conviction and their blend of black metal is truly mesmerising.
    It’s a difficult genre to get right – but fuck, they get it right. They’ve absolutely steamed through the competition laying unholy waste at each round time after time again.
    Fucking brutal – and the visuals and image is spot on. Although why they brought fire on such a warm day, I dunno…

    I’ve developed a bit of a soft spot for Blood Moon Bandits – they entered at heat 1, but only a few days before it – proper late additions, and you know – they might not be the heaviest and thrashiest and brutalist, but they hit the mark if you know what I mean.
    Like other bands on the bill are ales, but they’re a nice refreshing cider.
    They’re lively, they’re energetic and I think they make a good impression but they’ve had such a tough run of bands to perform after.

    Likewise, I’ll Play the Villain – really decent metalcore act and it’s been so good to see how they’ve come along since last year. They’ve a lot more conviction but an extra spark again would make all the difference. They’re strong and they’re decent.

    So anyway, I said I thought it may be between Trendkill and Decrepit Monolith… for the first time in weeks I’m actually right.
    Because of the high standards of both bands, Trendkill are offered the Jaegermeister Stage – and Decrepit Monolith go through as winners to play the New Blood Stage.

    a round of thanks…

    18582041 1513427395366179 7103154639138483188 n 300x169 - M2TM Newcastle - 2017 Winners and Write Up

    First off – always the most important, you lot – those who’ve been coming along to our shows, watching the bands, supporting bands you like and discovering bands you didn’t know about.  Without you, it’d just be bands playing to bands in an otherwise empty venue.  There’s a lot of great stuff happening in Newcastle for assorted tastes and some amazing promoters and nights and that you’ve chosen on certain days to come and spend your time and money with us – we really genuinely appreciate it.

    Of course, the bands, we ironed out a couple of problems from last year so hopefully it was all a lot better on the bands – thank you for getting behind the spirit of the competition : to my knowledge there’s been no drama or anything and I hope you’ve all picked up some new fans and made some new friends.  The quality this year has been consistently high and I’m looking forward to seeing how some of you develop.

    Trillians – for getting behind my shit and letting me do my thing with no real problems, they’ve also provided the backline, made sure posters have gone up and been generally great to work with.   I will say this time and time again that it’s so good to see the bar back in good hands.

    Truth Hurts – they’ve been recording a lot of the bands sets and generally helping with some of the promotion and been generally good people : I’ve poached Allan who helps me a lot with the compering and also some of the band scouting.   Like, seriously, have you heard me trying to compere? It just, well… naw… I haven’t got the excitement he does – and of course their overall help shouldn’t be played down.

    And, of course, Simon and Bloodstock – it’s been such a fucking pleasure to run this competition here again and as music promotion goes it’s quite rewarding because you can see how some of the bands and fans benefit from it : it’s difficult to phrase this without sounding like I’m having a pop at other promoters which I am certainly not – there are a lot of amazing promoters locally and nationally who do a fucktonne more than I do (and even those who do less, still  have contribution that shouldn’t be played down) but, I mean, I think we’ve all ran gigs where everyone has wondered what the point is : and this is a set of gigs I’m really happy to be apart of.  So, thank you for having faith in me to run the competition, thank you for being supportive and thank you for having me part of the overall picture.

    Fuck, it’s been exhausting.

    I’m going for a lie down and to nurse my hangover.

    Same time next year?

  • M2TM Semi Final 2 – This Sunday

    Last weekend we had six of the best and it was Decrepit Monolith and Vigil who secured places in the final, with play offs secured for Erebor and Blood Moon Bandits

    Semi Final 2 is this Sunday at Trillians, with 6 competing bands.  Remember, entry to this and every heat is FREE entry. Kicking off from 6pm (first band 6.30pm)

    Two bands will go straight to the final in June, while two bands will be given entry into a wild-card play off…

    So, who have we got for you this time – in no particular order (as running order decided on the night) we will be welcoming…

    Kraken Waker – loud… ex Ten Ton Friday… riffs riffs riffs… beards

    Blackjack – Good ole fashioned rock

    Creature  – Newcastle Alternative Rock

    The Unholy Concotation – Darlington Booze Metal

    Trendkill  – thrash/groove from Redcar

    I’ll Play the Villain – Metalcore, they were finalists last year, but can they steer a competitive semi?

    All of these bands impressed us massively in the heats and we look forward to seeing them again, the  hardest part will be working out who coes through and who goes out!

    We will communicate running order on the Facebook event on the evening after the draw takes place.

    Check out the Facebook Event here

    We hope to see you there for some amazing talent.

  • 17796685 1292627924188740 2464819685638078272 n - M2TM Newcastle - Heat 5 write up M2TM Newcastle – Heat 5 write up

    I’m a bit later than usual with my M2TM heat round up (Heat 5 this time).

    Believe it or not, in the crazy world I live in, after the gig I got on an over night bus to London to film a pop music video cover of an RnB classic. No, really.

    Where was I? Heat 5, yesss…

    Opening tonight is Coma Violet. It’s only their second gig. They’re a kind of Fuzz-Pop. Although it’s their second gig, plenty of familiar faces from other bands, the guys have experience and they make it pay off. Plenty of catchy powerful songs. They bounce their way into the semis.

    Pretty Livid Imps are fairly well known although are saying goodbye to a member tonight. They deliver a very enjoyable 25 minutes of rock n roll – pretty entertaining.

    Vindicter have some moments of brilliance, they’re another band with some fairly familiar faces – metal, metal and metal is the order of the day. Metal as fuck, to say the least. With some cool melodies and harsh vocals they were unlucky not to go through, but a touch more consistency would tip them a long way.

    First and last is the order of the day, Molasses deliver some blistering metalcore which seals their place in the semis and lays a brutal ending to the evening.
    So much energy and power crashing around.

    So that’s the 9th and 10th bands through to the semi finals. This is going to cause some serious headaches because the quality of bands hitting the semi finals is unreal.

    So, next up, April 20th… round 6…

  • ketch - M2TM Newcastle Heat 4 write up M2TM Newcastle Heat 4 write up

    Cor, round 4 has thrown up some interesting ones.

    Creature have helped shake the curse of the opening slot by being the second band to go through despite drawing the early lot. 90s grunge throw back, they like their Nirvana like – but there’s enough enjoyment about them that helps tip them through. Sweet. Just like Honey.

    Potentially the band with the furthest to travel – Vigil – they are a powerhouse of modern melodic metal. I thought they were going to lose it when announcing “the next one is a Drowning Pool cover” – but opting for a triumphant ‘Sinner’ (that much forgotten second single!) stunning. The bar is raised and set. They’re like making love on the edge of a knife. Hope they’ve plenty of petrol money handy… they’re through

    Auto-Immune exitted at this stage last competition – they’ve come an awful long way since then. Some more 90s grunge but this time more shouty. Their energy is appreciated and they make a good effort despite having such a difficult act to follow. They help contribute to the inevitable headache of who goes through – I guess that’s why I’ve always got the blues.

    Odin’s Revenge – you know – I was well into the whole female fronted metal thing. What can I say – Delain are probably one of my favourite bands and I’ve seen them 5 times despite having never headlined here. Anyway. My point… yes, fuck… that voice. Holy shit. Not heard a voice like this in metal for a while and that was stunning. Her lips spoke gold and honey. I think, now, I want to keep these write ups positive, so, they’re a band I would like to see again and I’d like to see how they come along because natural confidence and progression will bring them along nicely.

    To finish the night, we’ve a guest headline appearance from Souls of Jack Ketch – it’s funny, I remember their first gig in this last year and me liking them cos they sounded “a bit like The Haunted” and I quite like The Haunted. Incidentally, any bands who sound “a bit like Tiamat” or “a bit like Paradise Lost” or “a bit like My Dying Bride” are very welcome and encouraged, but to be a dick I’m not saying which era of each band.
    Anyway. Back to point. Holy fucking Christ… how much they’ve come on since the competition is unreal. They just ooze confidence. Brutal and superb. This lads and lasses – this is your bar. Keep raising it.

    Anyway. Class. Enough ramble. There were loads of gigs on in Newcastle tonight, thanks all who came to ours. I wanted to go see The Jesus and Mary Chain – so, for all the bands tonight, take it as a backhanded compliment you collectively were worth missing JAMC for… I have been adding their lyrics to your reviews.

  • a2541339 0889 43ad b4fd 379c40e57013 - M2TM Newcastle - Heat 3 write-up M2TM Newcastle – Heat 3 write-up

    On paper, Heat 3 is one of the more diverse line-ups.

    This wasn’t deliberate at all – but – certainly, the type of thing I was hoping for when I started running this competition in Newcastle, so a chance to see bands you’d not normally get to see or get to see together.

    In the 2016 competition, no band who took the opening slot progressed. It is a very difficult slot because among anything else you can’t see what you’ve got to “beat”.
    But, The Unholy Concoction buck that trend and taken on a riff driven booze metal approach to take them to the semis.
    It does take a little while for them to warm, but a lot of people have made the effort to check out the early bands and they leave impressed.
    It’s actually the crowd response that tips them through. As every judge has a different second choice band tonight!

    I’m in awe watching Snakes Don’t Belong in Alaska. Sublime and hypnotic psychedeliac rock. Stunning riffs and great atmospheres. They help give the judges a nice headache, you know not the “will this noise ever stop” headache, but a “it’s tight, who is going through headache”

    Saints of War are competition tradional rock, it’s funny – before they set I noticed Tim “Ripper” Owens has announced show at Think Tank and maybe this has me in mind for the nods towards Priest in SoW’s sound. Pretty good stuff.

    Sworn to Secrecy, holy Hell, there’s quite a few young bands in this year and I love it. Absolutely. These kids tear up the stage with a high energy metalcore machine. Unlucky not to go through, but they’re another one of those bands that are good, they have the energy and enthusiasm and will only get better.

    I mentioned earlier every judge had a different second choice band – well – they all had the same first choice band… Decrepit Monolith… fuck me. They’re tight. They take the competition to a new depth of Hell with their melodic Black Metal. Fearsome!

    I already know the Semis are going to be too tight to call… I am mulling an idea….

  • 923ebd63 7fd7 4d37 9588 21754117e431 - M2TM Newcastle - Heat 3 - Thursday 9th March M2TM Newcastle – Heat 3 – Thursday 9th March

    095b17a3 2c9e 4f5e a8d1 8c91a3eb6310 300x300 - M2TM Newcastle - Heat 3 - Thursday 9th March

    Round 2 saw I’ll Play the Villain and Trendkill progress, they join Kraken Waken and Blood Moon Bandits in the Semi Finals.

    Round 3 is this Thursday at Trillians, with 5 competing bands.  Remember, entry to this and every heat is FREE entry. Kicking off from 7pm

    So, who have we got for you this time – in no particular order (as running order decided on the night) we will be welcoming…

    Saints of War  – Teeside heavy rock

    Sworn to Secrecy – Newcastle metalcore

    The Unholy Concotation – Darlington Booze Metal

    Snakes Don’t Belong in Alaska – Psychedelic / Krautrock / Noise3dc12fd9 ff55 4464 ab8e 6ba73b902993 300x300 - M2TM Newcastle - Heat 3 - Thursday 9th March

    Decrepit Monolith – Newcastle Black Metal
    We will communicate running order on the Facebook event on the evening after the draw takes place.

    c5deeb97 1f2f 4d89 a618 2e6975ce54a1 297x300 - M2TM Newcastle - Heat 3 - Thursday 9th March

    We hope to see you there for some amazing talent.

    A full break down of all the heats below

    951ad832 a4eb 49fe a632 f3eeab74c148 300x199 - M2TM Newcastle - Heat 3 - Thursday 9th March

    March 9th – M2TM Heat 3
    Saints of War, Sworn to Secrecy, Unholy Concotation, Snakes Don’t Belong in Alaska, Decripit Monolith

    March 23rd – M2TM Heat 4
    Creature, Odin’s Revenge, Autoimmune, Vigil + Souls of Jack Ketch*

    April 6th – M2TM Heat 5
    Vindicter, Molasses, Coma Violet, Pretty Livid Imps, Wild Fire

    April 20th – M2TM Heat 6
    Erebor, The Distorted, October Ends, Blackjack, Altostratus

    *Non-Competinga2541339 0889 43ad b4fd 379c40e57013 300x111 - M2TM Newcastle - Heat 3 - Thursday 9th March