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  • 923ebd63 7fd7 4d37 9588 21754117e431 - M2TM Newcastle - Heat 3 - Thursday 9th March M2TM Newcastle – Heat 3 – Thursday 9th March

    095b17a3 2c9e 4f5e a8d1 8c91a3eb6310 300x300 - M2TM Newcastle - Heat 3 - Thursday 9th March

    Round 2 saw I’ll Play the Villain and Trendkill progress, they join Kraken Waken and Blood Moon Bandits in the Semi Finals.

    Round 3 is this Thursday at Trillians, with 5 competing bands.  Remember, entry to this and every heat is FREE entry. Kicking off from 7pm

    So, who have we got for you this time – in no particular order (as running order decided on the night) we will be welcoming…

    Saints of War  – Teeside heavy rock

    Sworn to Secrecy – Newcastle metalcore

    The Unholy Concotation – Darlington Booze Metal

    Snakes Don’t Belong in Alaska – Psychedelic / Krautrock / Noise3dc12fd9 ff55 4464 ab8e 6ba73b902993 300x300 - M2TM Newcastle - Heat 3 - Thursday 9th March

    Decrepit Monolith – Newcastle Black Metal
    We will communicate running order on the Facebook event on the evening after the draw takes place.

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    We hope to see you there for some amazing talent.

    A full break down of all the heats below

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    March 9th – M2TM Heat 3
    Saints of War, Sworn to Secrecy, Unholy Concotation, Snakes Don’t Belong in Alaska, Decripit Monolith

    March 23rd – M2TM Heat 4
    Creature, Odin’s Revenge, Autoimmune, Vigil + Souls of Jack Ketch*

    April 6th – M2TM Heat 5
    Vindicter, Molasses, Coma Violet, Pretty Livid Imps, Wild Fire

    April 20th – M2TM Heat 6
    Erebor, The Distorted, October Ends, Blackjack, Altostratus

    *Non-Competinga2541339 0889 43ad b4fd 379c40e57013 300x111 - M2TM Newcastle - Heat 3 - Thursday 9th March

  • iptv - M2TM Newcastle : Heat 2 Write Up M2TM Newcastle : Heat 2 Write Up

    Although most of our heats are a Thursday, to avoid other clashes, Heat 2 was a nice midweek warmer.

    Four competing bands again this week and interesting mix of bands and styles.

    “We’re from the bad side of the Tyne,” announce Sunderland band Razorjack who play an enjoyable and competent slice of modern metal, influenced by the likes of Slipknot, they’ve a mild stage presence and some interesting songs.  A cover of ‘Gay Bar’ is also quite amusing and they warm up nicely.

    It’s another good way to start the evening, good quality and hopefully they will grow in confidence.

    Teeside Thrashes Trendkill (I love alliterations.   Mr Scorer called them the Parmo Pantera.  If you don’t know what a Parmo is, then, you need one in your life… your arterys don’t, but you do.)
    Fuck me, what they been feeding kids these days?  The teens deliver face-melting thrash.

    They’ve travelled quite a distance to be here, but are going home with some new found friends.

    Horrorbilly band Dead By Dawn remind me one of the things I dislike about the competition is the inevitability a good band will have to go out.  They’ve got a bit experience and play a very enjoyable set of songs about zombies, more zombies, reanimation of zombies and general horror songs.  Massive kudos that they carried on despite illness to their drummer, borrowing Dan from the bar to drum their set in his break.  He did this for Lovely Wife last year.  He’ll get through one day.

    I did wonder, with the standards tonight, if last year’s finalists I’ll Play the Villain could fall at the first round.  But, they play tonight with a massive whim of confidence, added to their mix of melodic metalcore (alliterations!) and they take the competition and grab it by the balls and punch it a few times.  Last time round, I enjoyed them in the heats, loved them in the Semis but they weren’t on top form in the final, tonight’s performance is probably better than their semi performance last time and they’re going to be one to beat.

    Talking to IPTV afterwards I discuss that the 4 bands already through could make one Hell of a final already – and – there’s still 4 more heats to go…. eek…

    So, genuinely, there were no bad bands tonight, but congratulations to Trendkill and I’ll Play the Villain who join Kraken Waker and Blood Moon Bandits in the semi’s in May.


  • FB IMG 1487328273879 - M2TM Newcastle : Heat 1 Write Up M2TM Newcastle : Heat 1 Write Up

    After the excitement of the 2016 competition, I was very excitied to see what 2017 would bring.

    Last year we had 5 heats and there was a mixture of applications and me nudging a few bands asking if they might like to apply.
    This time round we’ve filled 6 heats without me having to nudge anyone, as we had more than enough applications.

    Now, when I took on the 2016 competition – I hoped that most of the bands would get some form of benefit from it – the general feedback being many had, some seeing it as a good networking opportunity, playing with bands they wouldn’t normally play with, making new friends, showcasing themselves to the venues, other promoters, etc and while there can only be one prize winner, getting as many to benefit as possible is a plus.

    There’s a lot happening in Newcastle at the moment – and I think it’s very exciting. I don’t want to start name dropping or anything (because I am likely to miss someone!) and I don’t get to nearly as many shows as I would like to – but there are some good DIY promoters doing amazing things for underground bands of most genres.
    The net result of this is that a clash was inevitable – we’d moved a few dates around to try to avoid clashes, but tonight we end up clashing with Anthrax… oh… hope we didn’t take too many from them.

    The plus of this is it means that although Yersin draw the cursed opening slot, they have a full bar to play to of people finishing their pints before going to see Anthrax. Quite a few stick around to watch them also.
    To give an idea, they have a setlist of 12 songs and stick within the 25 minute slot, loud, punky crust – and whilst I didn’t not their track names, I did think with a closing song like “Dave Mustaine Must Die” they’d be ideal for Bloodstock 😉

    The set is abrassive, energetic and enthralling – they keep people in the venue (apologies to the opening band at Anthrax) and their quality is superb.

    Ladies and gentlemen, the bar has been set. What away to open the competition.

    And – spoiler alert, they DON’T go through. Although a very close third place.


    Kraken Waker took slot number 2 – lots of beards, riffs and groove metal. Opening with ‘Born with a Beard’ is about the size of it, they also manage to retain some of the Anthrax stragglers and soldier professionally despite seeing a lot of the venue having to reluctantly leave – they’re here to have a good time and it was unsurprising to see them go through.

    Stoner Witch is a bit of a surprise package and I think he’s picked up quite a few new fans. Solo acoustic performer, but yep, dark, dank and a good use of minimalism.
    At first a lot of people do not know what to think, but by the third song there’s a lot less chatter as he captivates everyone.
    I feel things were tough on him, but he held his head up and did himself proud and I’d hope this at least scores himself some attention.

    The last competing band, Blood Moon Bandits are also the last entrants, being recommended for the competition after a stunning gig at Trillians last week – they’re straight up high energy rock n roll – and one of the few bands in the competition to have a clear considered image, a bit like a glossier Misfits.
    They done well and raised the roof and helped cap off a very good quality opening heat.

    Finally, Dirty King play a special guest set and, you know, they were always a good band – but you can see how far they’ve come in the year since I first met them. This is now the 5th time I’ve seen them and they just seem so focused and confident, I think their M2TM run last year has really helped them come on.
    Unfortunately they have to cut a little short, but, wow, it is good to see them back.

    Roll on Heat 2…

  • 13508982 10154294855022658 6172614200545771755 n - KMFDM - first ever Newcastle show! KMFDM – first ever Newcastle show!

    kmfdm copy 212x300 - KMFDM - first ever Newcastle show!

    Celebrating their KMFDM ROCKS album, we’re pleased to announce… for the first time in their 33 year history…

    MAY 22nd 2017
    Live at Think Tank

    With some very special guests to be added.

    Tickets on sale here from www.seetickets.com

    I’m sure many are familiar with KMFDM – they are widely regarded as music pioneers, fusing the industrial and electronics of the early 80s with heavy metal of the time – and progressing and evolving with each albums.  They were a major influence on many of the industrial-metal and cross-over bands of the late 80s, 90s and beyond.

    Coupled with the PIG show in March, we have plenty of scene-royalty coming your way.

  • vintage band - Vintage Caravan - November Newcastle show Vintage Caravan – November Newcastle show

    vintage caravan

    The Vintage Caravan will be back to expand the minds of British fans this Autumn. Support comes from Swedish riffers Dead Lord.

    The bands play Think Tank on November 8th – tickets available now from www.seetickets.com

    Frontman Óskar Logi Ágústsson comments:
    “Ah The United Kingdom, we love you, we have a good thing going on, we hope you feel the same way. You are the Barry to our White, the Pink to our Floyd and the Bootsy to our Collins. We hope you remember our midnight moonlight walks and the good times we had, let’s make some more sweet memories.”