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  • NEWCASTLE - M2TM Newcastle - 2017 Winners and Write Up M2TM Newcastle – 2017 Winners and Write Up

    “You’re not making this any easier for me,” jokes Simon Hall of Bloodstock, after a string of strong performances in the 2017 M2TM Final.

    “Isn’t that the point?” I joke back.

    Seriously though, some of the performances were out of the park.

    Some things I’ve kept close to my chest. When anyone asks my opinion on who will go through I’ve said stuff like “we’ve 4, 5, 6 great bands tonight” (depending on how many playing) although the truth is, in some of the rounds I did have an opinion… and in most cases I was wrong! read more

  • 17952861 614011308798728 5543381475842860713 n - M2TM - Heat 6 Write Up M2TM – Heat 6 Write Up

    I knew it was going to be tight.

    I just knew it.

    But not even I could predict how bloody tight it would be. Such joy and heartbreak as the final two bands join the semi finals (we’ll get the updated list out when we know which rounds they each drop into)

    First up, Altostratus, they’re like an instrumental Coheed and Cambria – there is a niche here, because instrumental stuff can go two ways – some get really desperate for vocals to kick in. I’m reminded of the old Karma to Burn story, you know, “We’ll give you a record deal – but we want you to have proper song titles and a singer” – well, Roadrunner dropped them and they reissued the album without vocals or song titles and they’re doing well for themselves.
    Anyway… yes.. Altostratus, they’re bloody good like, they captivate the audience with their riffs and it’s quite marmite but certainly many people would like to see more from them. read more

  • 17796685 1292627924188740 2464819685638078272 n - M2TM Newcastle - Heat 5 write up M2TM Newcastle – Heat 5 write up

    I’m a bit later than usual with my M2TM heat round up (Heat 5 this time).

    Believe it or not, in the crazy world I live in, after the gig I got on an over night bus to London to film a pop music video cover of an RnB classic. No, really.

    Where was I? Heat 5, yesss…

    Opening tonight is Coma Violet. It’s only their second gig. They’re a kind of Fuzz-Pop. Although it’s their second gig, plenty of familiar faces from other bands, the guys have experience and they make it pay off. Plenty of catchy powerful songs. They bounce their way into the semis. read more

  • ketch - M2TM Newcastle Heat 4 write up M2TM Newcastle Heat 4 write up

    Cor, round 4 has thrown up some interesting ones.

    Creature have helped shake the curse of the opening slot by being the second band to go through despite drawing the early lot. 90s grunge throw back, they like their Nirvana like – but there’s enough enjoyment about them that helps tip them through. Sweet. Just like Honey.

    Potentially the band with the furthest to travel – Vigil – they are a powerhouse of modern melodic metal. I thought they were going to lose it when announcing “the next one is a Drowning Pool cover” – but opting for a triumphant ‘Sinner’ (that much forgotten second single!) stunning. The bar is raised and set. They’re like making love on the edge of a knife. Hope they’ve plenty of petrol money handy… they’re through read more

  • iptv - M2TM Newcastle : Heat 2 Write Up M2TM Newcastle : Heat 2 Write Up

    Although most of our heats are a Thursday, to avoid other clashes, Heat 2 was a nice midweek warmer.

    Four competing bands again this week and interesting mix of bands and styles.

    “We’re from the bad side of the Tyne,” announce Sunderland band Razorjack who play an enjoyable and competent slice of modern metal, influenced by the likes of Slipknot, they’ve a mild stage presence and some interesting songs.  A cover of ‘Gay Bar’ is also quite amusing and they warm up nicely. read more

  • FB IMG 1487328273879 - M2TM Newcastle : Heat 1 Write Up M2TM Newcastle : Heat 1 Write Up

    After the excitement of the 2016 competition, I was very excitied to see what 2017 would bring.

    Last year we had 5 heats and there was a mixture of applications and me nudging a few bands asking if they might like to apply.
    This time round we’ve filled 6 heats without me having to nudge anyone, as we had more than enough applications.

    Now, when I took on the 2016 competition – I hoped that most of the bands would get some form of benefit from it – the general feedback being many had, some seeing it as a good networking opportunity, playing with bands they wouldn’t normally play with, making new friends, showcasing themselves to the venues, other promoters, etc and while there can only be one prize winner, getting as many to benefit as possible is a plus. read more