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    On paper, Heat 3 is one of the more diverse line-ups.

    This wasn’t deliberate at all – but – certainly, the type of thing I was hoping for when I started running this competition in Newcastle, so a chance to see bands you’d not normally get to see or get to see together.

    In the 2016 competition, no band who took the opening slot progressed. It is a very difficult slot because among anything else you can’t see what you’ve got to “beat”.
    But, The Unholy Concoction buck that trend and taken on a riff driven booze metal approach to take them to the semis.
    It does take a little while for them to warm, but a lot of people have made the effort to check out the early bands and they leave impressed.
    It’s actually the crowd response that tips them through. As every judge has a different second choice band tonight! read more